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    It’s possible to have the “EA Studio Settings ______.json”  files for all the 11 courses I purchased?

    It could be helpful to have EA Studio already set for my personal finding of EAs.

    Thanks a lot, best

    Claudio Gargiulo


    Hello Claudio,

    Glad to hear from you. What do you mean by “EA Studio Settings ______.json”? I do not understand it.

    Do you mean the settings that could be downloaded from tools? I do not really keep these files.

    First, because it depends on the Historical data you have. Second, I use nearly the same default settings in each course.

    Let me know if you mean something else.






    I just intend this…

    For the Forward Optimization you set WF Optimization and Monte Carlo Validation, for London-Tokyo-New York you set different trading sessions for the 3 Markets, for Top AUDUSD you set Out of Sample and just Monte Carlo Validation, etc

    I’d like to have these different settings files if it’s possible, so it’s easier for me to find new EAs following the same method.

    Claudio Gargiulo

    Sharapova Sisi


    when you export the settings from tools, you export just what is in tools, not the way the reactor is set.

    I understand you want you mean but when Petko sets for example Reactor with Monte Carlo and Walk Forward, it will not show in these files.

    In these files you will only see the trading session. Only in the Lonon-NY-Tokyo he uses different – the trading sessions hours according to the broker.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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