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      User Avatarriuzk

      Hello friends

      I was wondering if it’s possible to select specific days for the EA to trade. Right now i only find the settings: Sunday, Monday – Thursday, Friday. Lets say i only want to trade on wednesday, where can i change that in EA studio?

      Also when i find one strategy that looks good, but it seems its not profitable on monday, is it possible to remove monday then?


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      User AvatarSharapova Sisi

      Hello Riuzk,

      that is available in FSB Pro for sure. There is an indicator called Days of the week. It allows you to use the EAs only the days you have chosen, or the days the generator selected.

      I am not sure if it is possible with EA Studio.

      If not, you can just stop the EA on the day you do not want to do trading.

      Anyway, even it is available in the EA Studio or FSB Pro, it matters when you create the EAs. If you want to eliminate someday after you see result and stats, it means you have to change it in the EA itself.

      For me, the easiest would be to stop the EA for that day.

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      User Avatarriuzk

      Hello Sharapova,

      Thanks for replying, yeah i also found out that FSB pro had these settings but havent been playing so much around with FSB pro at the moment, currently i have only been playing with EA studio, since its fast and efficient. I see FSB pro is abit more detailed, and you could really make good strategy with this if you put much time and effort into it (im working on it), but right now im trying to find the hidden gems in EA studio, trying to test most of the settings there, that is why i wanted to ask about select specific trading days.

      Stop the ea is not an option since im runing a few of them and i need to turn them on and off daily, and if i miss a day, it can mess up with the result.
      Seems like my only option here is to immigrate more to FSB pro, thanks.

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      Hello Riuzk,

      Yes in the FSB Pro you have the option to select specific days for trading.

      I have personally asked the developer, Mr Popov, to add this indicator in EA Studio, and it is in his to-do list. However, I am not sure when it will be available. Once it is, I will let you know.

      Kind regards,

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