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      User AvatarGraeme Byers


      I have saved six strategies to the portfolio, when I open the portfolio there is only four strategies there. See attachment. This has happen four times in a row using two browsers.

      Can someone please help me.

      Kind regards

      Graeme Byers

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      User AvatarAsser

      Hello Graeme,

      I’m a participant just like you, but I may have the answer for you.

      When you generated the strategies, you probably had used some settings in “Common Acceptance Criteria” and/or in “Correlation analysis” and or in “Monte Carlo”.

      If you “Upload” those strategies to the “Portfolio” using different settings, the strategies would be further filtered. Try to tick off the “Use performance filters” and “Resolve correlations automatically” in order to upload (or to see) all your 10 strategies unfiltered.

      If you “loaded” or “dropped” the 10 strategies into the “Validator” (that’s another way to upload the strategies), you need to tick off “Use common Acceptance Criteria” in “Validator settings” and to tick off “Monte Carlo” as well, in order to load (or to see) all your strategies unfiltered.

      Happy Christmas.

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      User AvatarGraeme Byers


      I leave the generator on overnight, then I have 100 strategies in the collection. Next I select 6 strategies and add to the portfolio, then open portfolio
      and top left hand corner of the Portfolio stats it says 4 of 6. There is only 4 strategies in the portfolio. See attachment

      Can someone please help. Graeme


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      User AvatarAsser

      Hi again Graeme,

      Under the Portfolio tab, click on the “Content” tab. There you can see the strategies you saved to the Porfolio. If you don’t see all 6 strategies, tick off “Use performance filters” and  “Resolve correlations automatically” as shown in the image below. If you still can’t see all your strategies, kindly take a screenshot of the left side of the Portfolio’s Content page (not the strategies).

      Portfolio settings

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      Thanks for answering the question, Asser!

      I think I can’t answer with more details…

      Happy Holidays!

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      User Avatarle hoang

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