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      Hey traders,

      We created a special page dedicated to VPSes.

      We listed a few VPSes that we are currently using and are worth the money.

      If you have any experience with those or suggest other websites, please write on this topic so it will be helpful for everyone.

      Petko A


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      User Avataraaronpriest

      I have used a lot of VPSes and dedicated servers over the years (not just for Forex), and many have terrible customer service when you really need it. Two really good ones that have a great response time and reliability are vultr.com and dedicated.com if you want to add them to your list. I currently have a dedicated server with dedicated.com, although they do VPS as well.

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      Hey Aaron,

      Glad to hear from you again!

      Great, we will check them out! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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      User AvatarIvan Serrano

      Hi Petko,
      i am new use rin your community and just purchased FTMO’s EA pacakages..
      I saw in another post that you do not use VPS anymore..
      BUT, can you confirm if Prom Firms are allowing EA bots to pass their challenges? Used to heard that peoble recommend VPS for chanllenges and founded accounts.
      FTMO, TFF, FoundedTrader, FundedNext as example?

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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Petko does use VPS.

        Some prop firms will allow EA’s but some will not allow them in certain account types.  Usually you can find out if they allow EA’s by reading the rules for the challenge.  I do know that FTMO does allow the use of EA’s.

        It is often advised if you are using a funded account that a VPS should be used.   However a VPS is not necessary if you keep your MetaTrader MT4 / MT5 active 24 hours a day during the trading week.  The problem occurs if there is a power outage or your internet service goes down.  For this reason it is advised to use a VPS or some other form of backup so the EA’s will continue to trade.

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      User Avataraaronpriest

      Generally speaking, prop firms do not allow any public or 3rd party EAs. You really have to generate your own strategies and create your own EAs or you will most likely get flagged as trade copying and your account banned. Even generating our own strategies it is likely to get enough common trades to cause grief for some of us sadly.

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      I’ve been using many 3rd Part EAs, and I have not had even 1 account blocked.

      Most EAs will have the option to mix the trades a bit to make them unique.

      Also, in my FTMO Robot, I have a page on the PDF provided that teaches how to make the trades different from everyone else using the Robot.

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      User Avatarantys

      Hi Petko,

      I’m myself a systematic trader using Python/MT5 and I found your youtube videos very interesting about you testing other EAs.

      Have you checked other VPS such as AWS since they are offering 1yr free?



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        User AvatarSammy Trader

        I am building my VM in Azure – 1 year free trial and will get MT4/5 in there. I will host the VM in UK South Datacenter as I am based in the UK and will be using FTMO UK challenges.

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