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      User Avatargert.ljungqvist


      I use EA Studio demo and try to generate strategies with the Reactor but it stop in a few minutes to work.
      The link below show how the Reactor just freeze.



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      Hey Gert,

      Glad to hear from you. I have never had such an issue, and I don’t think someone reported something similar.

      Check if it is something with the internet connection, cookies on the computer, or anything that might slow down the browser.

      Kind regards,

      Petko A

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      User Avatardkoh

      Hi Gert,

      If you have many tabs open on Chrome, you may want to open new Windows instead. May be a lack of RAM.

      Also, i can see that you are using IG? I tried them a year ago, they do not provide sufficient historial data on the charts.

      You might want to try other brokers.

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      User AvatarAndi

      Yes! If you are running Generator/Reactor, make sure you are running it in a separate Window. This will give you extra speed.


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