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    Can I just check – with the Montecarlo, the first setting is randomize history data. Does this mean the strategy will be tested on different historic data in your EA studio account? I currently only have my own broker’s historic data IC Markets, plus Premium data. So if checking this box DOES mean it tests the strategy on different data sets then it would make sense to import data from other brokers –  i.e. the more sets of historic data against which the strategy is tested, the more robust it would be? Although I also appreciate it would make it harder for any strategy to pass the Montecarlo test. Any advice appreciated, thanks

    Samuel Jackson

    Hey Steve,


    No this is not what it means. What it does is take the data you are using and it changes a % of the total bars by a % ATR change.

    Defaults are both 30% so if you are using 10k bars of data then a random 30k of the bars will be have the open prices modified by a 0-30% of the ATR at that time in the data randomly.

    Essentially simulating using similar but slightly different data.



    Alan Northam

    EA Studio Pro Course will explain exactly how EA Studio works.


    Perfect thanks guys much appreciated

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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