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      User AvatarViktor Isaak

      Dear Petko,
      thank you very much for the courses! You have made great work! I have already taken 4 cryptocurrencies courses, and they were wonderful.
      Now I am looking at your professional Forex trading course, and I am very excited to enrll.
      Before that, can you please, share from your experience, how many hours daily I will need to monitor the markets?
      I am asking because I am full day worker, and I do not have the chance to sit in front of the screen the whole day.
      Anyway, I am considering the Professional Forex trading course, because I want to dedicated more time into trading, and hopefully one day leave my current job 🙂

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      Hello there,

      I am very glad to hear you enjoyed the courses!

      To be honest with you I can not give you an exact answer, how much time you will need to follow the system from the Professional Forex trading course. This really depends on the market itself. As you will see with the trading example inside, we are waiting for the right moment to enter. Anyway it is really a professional Forex trading course, and you have much to learn from there.

      If you are busy with your work on the other side, I would suggest you to stick with the algorithmic trading courses.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hi Viktor,

      in my opinion the market always determines how long time we will spend in front of the screen.
      The professional Forex trading course is one of the best I have taken from Petko, and it changed my trading for sure.
      I am pretty new trader, but I do small profits which makes me proud 🙂

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      Dear Haliffa,

      it makes me very happy to hear that even a beginner trader can make profits with the professional Forex trading course.

      Since it is a manual system, make sure to stay away form the feelings greed and fear. Make sure to have an iron money management.


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      User AvatarKristiano

      I have taken the professional forex trading course but it feels like a bit advanced for me.
      Which course is suitable to take before that?

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      Hello Kristiano,

      A good choice to a beginner trader is the course Forex trading education – from basics to advanced.

      Anyway The Professional Forex trading course is not so much of an advanced course, I just have combined to many things.

      If you go over 2-3 times I am sure you will get used with the system.

      Kind regards,

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      User AvatarThapelo

      I love your work in the professional forex trading course. I like that you started from empty chart and build all of the analysis. There is a great example which made it clear to me. I think every minute spend on learning worths the time.

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      User AvatarTraderzonefx

      Dear Petko,
      I took your professional Forex trading course and went over it without a poise. First of all great work you have done there! I really like the method you teach, because you share your screen and explain all. The most courses I have taken so far are just slides with pictures..not practical at all

      I have a question about it. Do you use this course only for eurnzd pair or for all current pairs. Also, do you use this sym only for Forex or it could be used for gold, oil, Cryptocurrency trading?

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      the trading system shown in the professional Forex trading course can be applied on all trading assets. It combines analysis on the market behavior and the direction of the price. These are th two things that are common for all assets. Make sure to practice it, and once used with it, you will see how easily it applies to all assets.

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