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    Hallo friends,

    I followed the “free course” with the 5 EA’s and I started experimenting with them on my VPS and a brand new account.

    Yesterday I was surprised for a thing in the GBPJPY M15 strategy (Bollinger bands + RSI filter). Looking at the video, I understood that the EA was supposed to close and reverse, if a position is open, whenever price closes/opens outside the opposite Bollinger band. Actually, in the pic below, you can see that this was not the case (left circle: short trade; right circle: new buy signal but no SAR).

    Why is it so? Any problems with the EA?

    Incidentally: I am a very expert coder, using MT4 for the last ten years, at least. There is no gross mistake, like allowing just uni-directional trading. I kept standard EA settings as in the download, besides lots traded.

    Thank you so much in advance.


    Hello Fsgi!

    As far as I know this EA from the course of Petko was created with EA Studio. And in EA Studio there is no option to reverse the trades. So I guess the EA is not designed to reverse the trades at first place.

    Regards, Andi


    Hey Fsgi,

    Welcome to the Forum! Yes, Andi is correct. The EAs does not have the option to reverse the trades. That is why it did not take the opposite trade.



    Thank you so much for the answer. Perhaps an update is needed in the video explanation, then.


    Best regards


    Hello Fsgi,

    does Petko say that there should be a reverse? I have watched that course a couple of times and I remember as well that this strategy is without a reverse.


    Video 10, around minute 2:50 of the recording, and following.

    The shown trade would have been a loss without stop and reverse and Petko said it was indeed a win due to stop and reverse.


    Hello Fsgi,

    Good point here! In the lectures, I explain how to use these strategies manually. Now, as said above, the EA for this strategy does not have the reverse option.  However, I will have a look at it during the weekend and I will add it if it shows better backtest results.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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