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      User Avatarjospjn

      Hi Petko,

      I am having difficulty in generating strategies in EA Studio. I was following the exact parameters on the course “Top 10 EUR/USD Expert Advisors – Forex Algorithmic Trading” however I noticed a discrepancy from the amount of  strategies you generated vs strategies I generated using the same properties including acceptance criteria’s.

      I am using historical data from your website to match JFD (Gmt+1) and whilst you generated 1774778 with 49449 bars for the EUR/USD (M15), I only generated less than half of that number for 200,000 bars for the same hours running.

      I ran EA both on MS edge and Chrome and I must say that there are discrepancies between the two browsers

      Can you help me with this problem? I am still on trial version and I am having this problem from day one of use

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      User Avatarjospjn

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      User Avatarjospjn

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      Hello Jospjn!

      Glad to hear from you. I am surprised that you got 200k bars on M15? From where?

      Also, my recent tests show that the more bars we have the slower EA Studio generator becomes.

      Try generating strategies with about 50k-70k bars.

      Let me know.

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      User Avatarjospjn

      Hi Petko,

      thanks for your reply.

      what I did was that I downloaded the Historical Data from EA STUDIO website as “metatrader.csv”  to fit JFD so they are GMT+1 then I went through each Time frame in Metatrader platform and via the options I inputed these bars into the program. After that I transferred all this data to EA studio.
      Did I follow the correct procedure?

      Thanks again


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      User Avatarjospjn

      I will do as instructed and let you know the outcome.

      another question that came to my head is this; since we are more concerned about the markets in the future would it be better for EA studio to work on Bars that are from the past 2 years Rather then going back say since 2007?


      thanks Petko

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      User Avatarjospjn

      Hi Petko,

      I tried as you told and must say that I am still not happy with the results. I tried to limit the data to 60,000 and 100,000 bars.

      I tried JFD-Demo for the EURUSD for M15 with 60,000 bars. I left this running for 300hrs and I got generated 21,260 strategies of which none passed the monte carlo.

      I also tried with METATRADER-Demo EURUSD for M15 with 100,000 bars this I left it running for 600min and got total of 36,641 strategies of which 2 passed the monte carlo.

      I will attach pictures



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      User Avatarjospjn

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      User Avatarjospjn

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      Hello there!
      I think you have messed up somewhere with the data.

      As far as I understand you have downloaded the data from the Forex Historical App, didn’t you? That is the data from Dukascopy. And then you have changed the symbol settings in EA Studio settings to fit the JFD broker? It that correct? If so, then you are alright.

      But you have a very small number of strategies generated which makes me think that you have not done it exactly this way.

      Please, watch all the videos that are on our Historical data page.

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      User Avatarthomas.jin

      Hi Petko, I have encountered the same problem as jospjn described. I downloaded the data from Dukascopy and set the limit to 200,000 bars. After I uploaded the data into EAS I modified only the swap long and swap short numbers according to the “Symbol Specification” from my MT4 terminal. I use 200000 bars for M15/M5/M30 time frame as I assume that the more data I use the more accurate strategy EAS. I can only get very limited number of strategies generated if I turn on Monte Carlo validation and sometimes even no strategy generated. Is it because I used too many bars? What have I done wrong?

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      User Avatarjospjn

      Hi Petko,

      that is correct, unlike Thomas, I downloaded the historical data As “metatrader.csv” to match the respective broker, in my case JFD are GMT+1 so on the settings tab of the Historical Data, I adjusted this time line to have it as GMT+1. I confirmed also that I have the correct time by matching the charts as instructed on one of your videos.

      After finalizing all the data I put everything in a folder and one by one I uploaded this data on JFD MT4 for each pair of currency. I used the tab TOOLS-HISTORY CENTER on MT4.

      After all this I gathered all data from MT4 and transferred it  to EA Studio


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      Hey Jospjn,

      I think you are doing it in a hard way. Why don’t you just download the data as json for EA Studio and import it? After that modify the settings from Tools.

      Give it a try this way. You really don’t need to go to MetaTrader.

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      Hey Thomas,

      Yes, when you have more bars, the generator gets slower. The more bars you have the fewer strategies you will have at the end.

      Recently I use about 50k bars. EA Studio is good enough to find nice strategies for a shorter period of time. And it is even better because we create strategies over the most recent Historical data.

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      User Avatarjospjn

      Hi Petko,

      I imported data as .json for the EURUSD and run a test I confirm results are better.

      a quick question regarding the historical data the time line of the data is until the 5th May 2020, is this data constantly updating?
      do you suggest that we update data on our EA every 2 weeks or so to always have  fresh data?

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      Hello Jospjn,

      Check out the data horizon and see if you didn’t place an end date:

      The data is updated all the time because it is important to have fresh data.

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      User Avatarmarcus

      Hello Petko, I have only been testing Expert Advisor Studio for about 10 days and I am very impressed! Unfortunately, I have the problem that when I import strategies generated a few days ago via “Strategy” > “Import to Expert Advisor back”, the performance metrics of the backtest often differ by several hundred percent. Example: before the profit per day was $5.87, now it is $ -2.21. How can this be?

      My setup is identical. I use the MetaTrader4 demo data, trading hours are identical.

      I am happy about every hint!

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      Hey Marcus,

      I am glad to hear that you liked the software.

      Can you send me some screenshots so I can see them?

      If it is the same strategy with the same settings there must be a small difference because the last days’ data is added, but especially the profit per day must not be that different.

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