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      User AvatarBrian Shaw

      Hi Petko,

      I am trading Portfiolio EAs (EUR/USD), with 0.01 lot size in a small live account.  After 25 days, the pips earned seems very good (over 1600 pips) but the account balance is negative from where it started.  Do you have any ideas as why this would be?  Could it be due to commissions or spread?  If so, is there anything I can do to improve performance?


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      User Avatarthomastrading

      Hello Brian,

      Actually +1600 pips is a fantastic result! Good job on that!

      Now, you need to find out from where this negative balance comes from?

      How much is the spread with your broker? How much is the commission?

      Did you connect the account with FX blue? If yes, please, send me some screenshots.

      Also, from your MetaTrader MarketWatch.



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      User Avatarchampagnelennie44

      It’s a useful info, thanks.

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      User AvatarBrian Shaw

      Thank you for helping me figure this out.

      Here are a few screenshots showing the general status of the account:

      Net Pips is 1920 but profit is -$96.44

      Looks like commission is 0.08 per trade.

      These spreads are not shown during normal session hours, it’s usually lower than this.

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      User AvatarAndi

      You might have some markup on your trades.

      Best is to connect your broker and ask them what the hell are the hidden spreads and commissions and why you have possitive pips and negative balance!

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