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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Is the Pool available to all EA Studio Professional Course students still being updated on a monthly basis?

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      Hey Alan,

      Yes, I reviewed most of the collections this month and grouped them into small collections to eliminate the losing strategies.

      Plus, I use stricter Symbol settings so the strategies would work for more brokers.

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      User AvatarWalter Hoefkens

      What is a safe lot size setting per $1000 in the account? This when you trade with a portfolio expert advisor. Petko uses the formula for this: (balance sheet total) divided by (1000 x the number of expert advisors in the portfolio.) If you apply this formula, can you go to sleep peacefully?
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      Hey Walter,

      It depends as well on the SL and TP ranges.

      Put it on a Demo for a few days, and you will see how it would work for you.

      But trading $1000 account with a few EAs (max 10)  set at 0.01 lot is just fine, in my opinion. Of course, they should have SL.

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      User AvatarROBINS

      Hello Mr Petko

      Is there an update for the pool in the EASTUDIO pro course please ?

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      Hey Robns,

      I update the pool every first week of the month. Sometimes is a lot, sometimes less.

      Pretty much when I get better strategies for some of the assets I would update them.

      But I do my best to keep it up to date.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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