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      User AvatarJade Brown

      Hello Petko,
      i have bought your course Top 5 forex strategies and i am very happy with it. Unfortunately i do not have enough skills with ea builder or Forex trading and i wish to have personal education with you about the forex markets and about all…I am very interested to start trading, so i am ready to do my best of efforts. Is it possible to make personal education about Forex analysis and Forex strategies, not for any ea builder – EA studio and FSP Pro?
      Thank you indeed.

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      Hello Jade,
      sure you can have personal lessons about Forex analysis and Forex strategies. Actually we are doing more personal educations about technical analysis, because there are a lot of videos already how to use properly any ea builder – FSB Pro and EA studio and how to create professional expert advisers. Please write to our mail and one of our team members will contact you as soon as possible to book the lessons.

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      User AvatarMargaret

      I can say that it helped me a lot to make the Forex analysis after using ea builder such as ea stuio and fsb pro. I mean when i was used to use it, i knew which indicators to use and then the price action was just easy, but i am pretty interested of course to see the new course that is coming

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      you are right Margaret! And what i see recent years is that the traders go first to any ea builder and then they learn how to analyze the market and actually have an idea about manual trading…before we were teaching first manual trading and then upgrade to automated trading using ea builder. But times are changing…:)

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      User AvatarZack Georgiev

      Actually the new course is released and i am glad i took it! Petko is explaining there very well everything again.
      Margaret, automated trading is not the future but the present already.Of course you need to have stable knowledge for the market and specially for Forex analysis..

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      User AvatarPete

      I took it as well, Great course! But i think to take aslo few personal lessons with Petko, because i am still beginner with the ea builder. Better to be well educated before get to the life market

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      Dear traders,keep in mind that now we record all the personal educations we do and after each one, you will receive it as a recording, so you can review it after that. The education in any ea builder is all about details and we want to make sure, you don’t miss any.

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      User AvatarZack Georgiev

      The EA builder EA Studio is now possible for cryptocurrency trading? I am surprised to see that in your new course Mr Alexandrov. Is there anything different from building Forex strategies? I have purchased the EA Studio nearly 3 months ago and I think I know all, but I tried to make EA for the Bitcoin but it looks to be good to be true. Very nice profit line and it fails Monte Carlo, have any tips why that is happening when I am using the ea builder?

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      User AvatarPete

      Probably it looks to be true, because you kept the same small spread from the Forex. Make sure to import history data with the new script into the ea builder, by using the actual spread of the Bitcoin. I can not find broker with less than $20, but still I get great strategies with the ea builder.
      I am also planning to take the FSB Pro, so I can create strategies with Higher Time Frames.

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      Dear Pete,

      you are right, even brokers are having high spreads for the Bitcoin, we can create profitable strategies with each ea builder.

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      User AvatarThapelo

      Guys, want to share my great opinion for Petko Alexandrov. I took three personal lessons it’s him before taking the pack with the ea builder and the courses.
      In the first lesson he explained to me all the basics, because I was really a newbie. He was very very patient with my questions and explained all in details. I liked that he was very protective to me, he did not push me to do any real trading but just the opposite, he told me to take my time and to practice more and more time on Demo before starting real.
      In the second lesson he explained to me in details what is an ea builder and why it is needed before start trading. He explained to me the basics and some more advanced techniques about creating profitable strategies with ea builder. He told me so many things in this lesson that without a recording it would be impossible to remember it all(they sent me recording from the lesson).
      The 3th lesson was after two weeks from the second. He gave me so many videos to watch before the third. I realized that this is because I was having so many questions. For the two weeks I created a list of 124 questions and Petko was patient enough to answer each one of those.
      Overall, I had a great time talking with him about the trading, abouteach ea builder and about the life of the trader. He was very responsive and there was no one thing that he did not refuse to explain to me. Great professionalism. Thank you Petko!

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      User AvatarCone D

      I want some personal lessons about ea builder ..how can I connect with you and realizable the lessons? On e-mail?

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      Yes please, drop an e-mail at info@eaforexacademy.com and make sure to write in details what education you wish to have except the ea builder. My colleges will arrange the hour, but just to let you know, till the end of the year all is busy. So probably it will be in the mid January

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      User Avataral_kuwait55


      I was about opening a topic about the personal education with Petko, but found out that there is such a topic already.

      What I wanted to share with all is that these personal lessons with Petko are just fantastic. The price is 200EUR and for the last 4 months I take one class every month. This way I have the opportunity to ask him so many questions, he shares many ideas about each ea builder, looks at my results and analysis how I could do better. Precious!

      Just at the end of the year, I feel very happy with the results I achieved during this year. Also, I learned so many things, which is the most important.

      That is why I wanted to say one big THANK YOU to Petko Aleksandrov and the team behind him.

      Happy Holidays!

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      You are welcome, al_kuwait! It is always pleasure to talk with traders that are really interested.

      As you know I am very opened to share all my skills and knowledge, and I just hope we are healthy so we can continue do what we are good at!

      Enjoy the Holidays!

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      User AvatarAndi

      I took some classes with Petko and they were great. I took now the Christmas offer as it includes a class, even I have already all the courses 🙂

      Merry Christmas to all!

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      It is pleasure speaking to you guys!

      Merry Christmas, Andi!

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      User AvatarJohn Michael

      I am interested to get some personal education from Petko as well. I hope there are free classes after the NY.

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      User AvatarBob Smith

      I booked one! I want to know more about the ea builder FSB Pro.

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      Hey John,

      Just make sure to book the hour with Marin over the e-mail. I will make sure to have time for all students in January.

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