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      User Avatarcentcel

      Hi guys

      I wanted to know if you ever had problems opening several demo accounts on the MT4 and if so how did you work around the problem? Meanwhile I have only 2 Brokers as demo accounts, unfortunately his Assest offer me very deep bars so it is more difficult that I can generate good strategies through the reactor with the Acceptance criteria. I am open to any suggestion and good instructions for good brokers who offer a higher trade history.


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      Hello Centcel,

      I am not sure if I understand your question about the Demo accounts. However, if you want to have a couple of MT Demo accounts on your computer, you need to download MetaTrader from different brokers and install those on your computer. But this does not mean you have to trade on different brokers. You can log in to another broker’s account. For example, if you have downloaded the platform from broker X, you can log into this platform with the account of broker Z. So you can have 2-3 MT installed or even more, but use the same broker.

      A common mistake is that people open a few accounts on one MetaTrader and they switch between them. That is fine for manual trading, but when trading with Expert Advisors that will disable the EAs from the accounts that are not active.


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      User AvatarSimon

      I think you can duplicate the installation folder for MT4 from the same broker on your machine, and run two instances of MT4 at the same time, having multiple accounts running simultaneously? I have done this on my laptop, seems to work ok… is there any reason that i’m missing why this would be inadvisable?

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      User AvatarSunil Thakur

      Hi Simon, I also saw on youtube that you can install several MT4 or even MT5 from the same broker… I need to watch the video again… I also have a similar problem using Windows 10.  It seem the OS don’t want to allow me access to install more than 1 metatrader from the same broker.  What version Windows do you use?

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      User Avatarrichard

      I have 32 demos running from the same broker.  This should not be a problem. Rename the terminal.exe to a different name each time.  I just number mine.  So terminal-1.exe etc….  I also run mine in portable mode so that all the data and program files stay within one folder instead of being split to the roaming folder as windows likes to do. Enter (space)/portable after the execution line in the shortcut and this will keep everything relating to that platform within the one folder. The more terminals you have the more you have to keep them trimmed up (reduce amount of bars , remove historical data etc) or your pc will start to slow down…. BTW 32 mt4’s in total is the maximum amount that the builders of MT4 will allow you to have on 1 PC.

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      Hey Richard,

      Thanks for making this clearer. Probably I should mention that in the future courses so everyone who encounters that issue will know how to solve it.

      Good job! Thanks

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      Guys, just brining that topic to the front page, because there were few questions about it.


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