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      User AvatarEddie

      Hi All

      When I do a Generator run including the use of OOS, the resultant charts show the green OOS area as expected.

      When I do a Reactor run including the use of OOS (and other features), the resultant charts do not show any green OOS area.

      So, my questions are, is the OOS calculated when you use the Reactor? If so how does it show up in the charts? Or am I missing something obvious?

      Many thanks


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      User AvatarEddie


      Can anyone answer this question please?

      Best Regards


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      Hello Eddie,

      I see the green part when running the Reactor as well. Are you sure you include it from the Generator settings?


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      User AvatarEddie

      Hello Petko

      I think so – but I’m not absolutely sure as I’ve been runnung the Generator only since then. I’ll be trying it again as soon as the current run finishes.

      Indirectly you’ve answered my questions anyway – thanks [:o)



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      Sure, Eddie!

      Let me know if you have any questions!

      Kind regards,

      Petko A

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