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    If we are trading with a volume of 4 lots instead of 1.0 lot do we replace the volume of 1.40 in the formula with 4.40 and the volume of 1.0 lot with 4.0 lots? I did this configuration and ended up adding an additional lot of both. However, the two buy trades of 4.40 lots resulted in a rolling dollar amounts almost half (e.g. 300) that of the two sell trades of 4.0 lots dollar amounts (e.g. – 600). Shouldn’t the two dollar amounts be the same so that you end up with a zero balance at the take profit point in either direction? What am I missing?


    I figured out the answer to my question. However, I have a related question. One of my 4.4 lot trades was deleted in error, but it did not show up my account history.  How can that happen? It was a positive trade of more than $300.


    Just to be clear, if I go from trading 1 lot of BTC to 4 lots of BTC using the NLF does  the formula and calculation stay the same or change in any way?


    Hello Leonard,

    Well, if you change the initial 1 lot with 4 lots, you need to calculate all the rest accordingly.

    1,4 Lot is 140% from the 1 lot. Or you multiply it by 1.4. So if you start with 4 lots, it must be 4 x 1.4 = 5.6 lots.

    And you continue with the rest…but why would you go with 4 lots? You need really a big account for that…

    I guess nothing less than $100 000.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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