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      Hey Petko,

      I am nicely surprised to see the NFT Trading Course in the Academy. For quite some time I wanted to get into NFTs but never found a structured course, just random YouTube videos.

      Can you please tell me if:

      1. The NFT trading course is suitable for complete beginner like me?

      2. Are you covering NFT flipping in the course because I want to trade the NFTs and not keep them in the long-term.

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      Hey mate,

      Yep, the NFTs are pretty exciting, and I am into it.

      The NFT course is suitable for beginners. It has a beginners part and then is the advanced part which I am currently updating.

      Today I am recording videos on NFT flipping so in the very near future this section will be added to the NFT trading Course.

      For me the NFT trading is the most interesting part as well.

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      Before the New Year comes, I was wondering what I can do for everyone joining this Forum as a way to say ”Thank you!!”
      So I decided to give everyone a free NFT from my Shibatoons collection. All you need to do is drop your Metamask wallet below, and my team will send a random NFT from the collection.
      No strings attached!

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      Guys, I just uploaded a lecture about bulk uploading NFTs to opensea for Mac.

      The method for Mac is super similar to the one for Windows. The code is the same. But you will see in the video what the difference is.

      A slight difference that took me a lot of time! 🙂

      Plus, we improved the code to avoid the captcha update on Opensea.

      Let me know if you have questions.


      Petko A

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      Dear students,

      I just added a section about Metaverse to my NFT course.

      There is a lot of volume and NFT trading on these Play-to-Earn games, so I am sure you will find it helpful.

      Whether you are an artist, a developer, or just a gamer who wants rewards, there is a spot for everyone on these Metaverse games.

      Check the section in the course!

      Will see you there!

      Petko A

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