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      Hello folks I’m newbie here and I have 2 quick questions .

      I have managed to upload all forex EAs on 7 different platforms with FX Choice my first question is :

      Is it better to load them on ECN account in order to have good results or it doesn’t matter what type of account to load them on?

      I’m intend to let all 7 platforms run till the end of the week so far I see some winning as well more loosing trade in general case the loosing trade are more than the winning but that’s is not my point .  I understand that It has be mentioned in some video to use the FXbleu to run the report in other to know the good or best EAs .

      My second question is after running the report on FX Bleu should I pull all winning EAs and consider them as good to go with real account ?

      Please help me out here .



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      User AvatarMark Penelton

      Hey Bob,

      Welcome to the community!

      I’m not sure about the answer to your first question.  Hopefully someone can cover this as I’m not sure and wouldn’t want to guess and lead you in the wrong direction.

      Once you have let all the EA’s run on the demo account, you will pick the best ones to put on a live account.  However, you should make sure that you ensure you still have a balanced portfolio on your live account.  For example, let’s say you pick 3 EA’s.


      This will give you 2 of each currency pair.

      If you have all of the same currency pair, I would just make sure that you only select EA’s that pass strict criteria (minimum number of trades, profit factor, etc.).  You want to make sure that you don’t risk your real money with an EA that only has a couple trades.

      I hope this helps you.  Let me know how it goes.  Best of luck in your trading!


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      Hey Bob,

      I think Mark gave you an excellent answer.

      It is a personal choice how you want to manage the EAs after testing them. Make sure to keep it simple and not start with 100s of EAs that will make you confused.

      If you have all the Robots, then just for the Top 10 as a beginning, and then you will feel the moment when you can manage more than that.

      But always keep it simple.

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