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      User AvatarNitin Rana

      Dear Community,

      Happy New Year to all of you.

      I am a new joiner to EA FX Academy and I would like to get some idea on how did others start their journey in this forum. First of all, I absolutely believe in this theme of automating the strategy and not have anything manual with it. I have been trading using fundamentals and charts for a while and there is too much subjectivity by looking at charts and fundamentals never tell you accurate time to make the trade so there is always a front running or a lag syndrome.

      How did you all start your journey?

      1. Did you finish all the courses and use only the monthly EA that the academy provides? Is there is a sequence in which these courses should be taken? I believe there are about 30 courses.

      2. Do you create your own strategies or just use what is being provided?

      3. What is the minimum capital amount that is reasonable enough to ensure winners from one EA can pay for the losers from other ones.

      4. Has anyone tried EA into Stock Indices? If so, how is the performance of them beyond the traditional FX pairs?

      Any additional advice you can provide that can help me make my journey successful, is greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks for reading this post and God bless you all.

      Thanks, Nitin

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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Hey Nitin,


      Welcome to the forum, and congrats on starting your Forex Algo journey.

      Speaking for myself, to answer your questions:

      1. I did many of the courses. In each course I learned something new. Many of the concepts are similar across all Forex Algo courses but there is always something new to learn. But it’s up to you – just the robots with each course are well worth the small investment of each course.
      2. I create my own, but at the beginning I used both the provided EAs as well as my own.
      3. There is no real minimum amount to invest. It really depends how much you can afford to invest. You can trade smaller lot sizes if you have less capital. And it’s difficult to know how much profit you’d need to cover any losses, because we don’t know how the EAs will perform in the future, only how the strategies performed in the period of historical data we use to create them.
      4. I’ve created EAs for some stocks and indices, but the results weren’t great. Actually, on Petko and my list for this year to to continue testing and trying to find good automatic strategies for stocks and indices.

      The best advice I can offer is to practice, practice and practice some more on demo accounts until you are confident to start trading live. And start small. Don’t risk too much. And of course, test a few brokers using the same EAs to check if the results are similar, or if some give better results than others.


      Good luck, and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to post them here in our forum.


      All the best,




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      User AvatarNitin Rana

      Many thanks Ilan. Appreciate your inputs. I am currently doing courses and practicing what I am learning from the courses. EA Studio is one of the best things to try on as it saves hundreds of hours of coding work and one can know in short time whether it was a useful strategy or not.

      Many thanks, Nitin

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      User AvatarVolkan

      Dear Community,

      first off all, Happy New Year

      I live in Turkey and I’m interested in algorithmic trading but only Turkey Stock Indices the program I use is matriks prime and the language is metastock

      is the education suitable for me ?

      Thank you very much

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      User AvatarNitin Rana

      Hi Volkan,

      happy New year to you also. What you should be concerned about is which MT4 broker in your country allows you to trade Turkey stocks on meta trader platform since the algo will be on MT4/5 platform. You have key dependencies to make it work-

      1. Stock data from MT4 so you can backtest the strategy

      2. broker being able to offer them on meta trader platform. usually these are CFDs

      as long as you have a broker who offers them to trade them on Metatradwr platform, you should be fine

      hope this helps




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      Thanks, Natin, for answering very well to the question 🙂

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