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      Hello traders!

      Recently we have noticed that 100s of people register in the Forum to read but just a few are brave to write and ask questions.

      Also, I wanted to reward everyone that is very active in the Forum.

      So, I have come up with a Bonus system that will motivate you to write a bit more.

      Every post will be a credit of 1 EUR. This means that every time you write a question, answer a question or just share your experience you will gain 1 EUR point.

      These credit points will be used to get a course of ours for FREE!

      If one of our courses is priced at 200 EUR, for example, and you have passed 200 posts, you can write on our e-mail and receive the course for free. Also, we will count all the posts you have so far. So yes, many of you already have enough points to get a course. Let us know which one you wish to get.

      The Forum is a fantastic place to learn more, meet with other traders and exchange ideas. So Go Ahead!

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Here are some rules:

      * This bonus system is only for the courses and not for the strategy builders.

      * The post should be not just 2-3 words. We will count posts that are min 30 words ( longer than one line :))

      * Forex Academy LTD reserves the right to cancel the Bonus system if bad attitude and scammy posts are detected.

      * The points could be used only to get a course, they will not be paid as cash.

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Petko,

      Great news here! 🙂

      I see that actually I can get a course for free. I can not believe I have over 200 posts, seems I write a lot 🙂

      However, I have all your courses so I will keep it for the next ones.

      Great idea to stimulate others to write as well.


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      User AvatarSimon

      This is great Petko! Thank you so much!

      I wonder what else I can say in this post to make it valid?

      Did I mention I love your courses?!

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      Hello Andi,

      yes, you are consistent in the Forum, I believe that this way you have improved a lot and you are much better trader now.

      Keep up the good work, and you will be even better.

      Kind regards,


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      Hey Simon,

      Nice one 🙂 I am glad that you like our courses. That is all you need to say 🙂

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      User Avatarjames.makunike

      Thank you for this initiative. I have indeed found your courses to be very useful and i am utilizing them in my forex trading journey. The forum is a excellent platform for getting answers to questions that i might have

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      User AvatarDesi Ivanova

      We are glad to hear that, James.

      Just do not hesitate to drop any questions, upload pictures or screenshots. This way it will be easier for Petko to answer and to be more useful.

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      User Avatarjohnbrown7

      Hello Petko,

      I am glad to see this Forex Forum bonus system! I will try to make really great posts because I am in love with your courses. It is a really really great idea! Thank you for the possibility that you give us to take the course for free.


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      User Avatarchampagnelennie44

      Great idea. Good to know that.

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      User AvatarSunil Thakur

      Great way to get more activity in the forums.  Also a great way for students to actually help each other in their experiences.  🙂

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      Guys, I am glad to see that the idea for the Forex Forum bonus system is accepted well. Really this way everyone will learn more from the others.

      Keep up the good work!

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      Guys, I am glad to see that the idea for the Forex Forum bonus system is accepted well. Really this way everyone will learn more from the others.

      Keep up the good work!

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      User Avatarchampagnelennie44

      Thanks for sharing this info with us.

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      User Avatarlfxstairs

      I’m starting with this new way of how to build ea’s, i come from the old fashioned school of writing my own EA’s but a program that can do the same thing in no time sounds awesome. I was looking at the builders but i think they are quite strict with new indicators, i would like to ear more about that. In the future i wil try to test your courses to take the best of these new EA builders.

      Petko keep up the good work!

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      Glad to hear that you like my work and the idea of using strategy builders. It saves time…

      And much more actually, we have the generator.

      Regarding new indicators, I was the same skeptical at the beginning, but there are few reasons for that, and they are quite logical:

      1. If there are custom indicators, the Expert Advisors might start showing errors that will be caused by the custom indicators. Of course, many will blame the strategy builder. As we can see now, they work perfectly without errors when compiling the Experts.

      2. Having custom indicators will not guarantee better profits. The indicators that are available now and quite enough. It is all about a good combination of different rules and stable robustness tests.

      3. CUstom indicators ill slow down the program, and this is not what we want. Especially the generator in EA Studio is so fast now that we save so much time waiting for new strategies…

      I hope that makes it more transparent.


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      User AvatarCone D


      I missed this Forex Forum Bonus System, and I will be more active. The Forum is a really great place to share your experience. Many times I found what I am wondering or searching for here before I am asking something. Many users are sharing their knowledge, tricks and experience.

      Already, I have many posts, but I need to write more to get one course for free! Thanks for this opportunity!

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      User AvatarSimon

      Hi Petko,

      I am trying to find the posts I have made and threads I started, so that I can go over some of the info on them, do you know where they might be stored? Somewhere in my profile?



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      User AvatarAkwin

      Accept my endless gratitude, you are a lifesaver, I will start learning from your courses.

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      Hello Simon,

      Glad to hear from you.

      Yes, there is a search bar in the forum and you kind find easily anything you are looking for:

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      Welcome to the Academy, Akwin!

      Let us know if you have any questions.


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      User AvatarMark Penelton

      Hey Petko,

      This is a great idea.  I really like your products and blog but have been shy to engaged in conversations with you and the community.  This is jus the incentive that I need.



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      Hey Mark,

      Feel free to ask any questions or share any ideas in the Forum.

      That is why we created it at the first place 🙂

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