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      I have completed your course. Besides, can you provide me the brokers which is good to trade with and has no issue for withdrawal as well as smaller spread size. Furthermore, as you show in your course regards the lot size calculation for your never loss formula as below: Buy stop 1.0 Sell stop 1.4 Buy stop 1.0 Sell stop 1.4 Buy stop 1.95 Sell stop 2.75 May I know how you calculate for this lot gap which you did not mention in your course? How to calculate it? Why there’s a sudden big gap 1.95 to 2.75? How does the calculation for this lot size for your never loss formula?

      May I know what’s the further Buy/Sell Stop after 2.75 if keeps trigger during the trade?

      Furthermore, what is the leverage and account size for this never loss formula to execute? Since you start with 1 lot of size so please advise on the leverage whether 1:100 or any others and how much capital needed? I check at broker, there are micro, mini & standard account. Please help on this. If I sign up micro account which leverage do I take? 1:100 or 1:1000? Many options for this not sure which one to go for? In order to use this never loss formula, what should be adjust? Let’s say capital of USD 200 for testing micro account, what type of leverage to take? how to adjust the lot size?

      Please advice.

      Appreciate your kindness and thanks.


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      Hello and welcome to the Forum!

      You can select any of the trusted brokers we have on the website, and as well for crypto trading, I use Pepperstone.

      Please, have a look at the lecture where I explain the Formula. I show step by step how it is calculated. The lots increase because it needs to cover the loss from the previous opposite trade.

      Also, have a look at the Assignment attached. It will help you learn how to calculate it. If you still can not figure it out, let me know and I will send you the further calculations and lots.

      It is good to have higher leverage so it can handle more trades if necessary.

      The type of account doesn’t really matter. It is according to your preferences and the options in the broker.



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