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      User AvatarMatthew Roberts

      Hello Petko,

      Is there an EA to automatically apply the never-losing formula to a separate portfolio of EAs?

      This would allow the trader to open buys and sells on either an uptrend or downtrend because the robot could manage the math for you.

      This EA should be able to analyze the initial trades made by the portfolio then if the trades go bad the never-losing formula would be applied and if the trades go good then the EA would not do anything.

      For example, your portfolio would have no exit indicators or SL. The portfolio would open trades up and down, then the never-losing manager EA would add a TP as you show in the course and open the pending orders for each individual strategy and close the pending orders for each individual strategy if the TP is hit and if it would hit the pending orders it would make the break-even scenario automatically happen.

      Essentially looking for a computer to do the math for me on a larger scale with lots of strategies running.

      If it doesn’t exist I will probably try to use my limited MQL4 experience to create one.




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      Hey Matthew,

      Glad to hear from you. I tried to order such an EA from a developer a few years ago but the results were not what I was expecting.

      I did a lot of tests and my final conclusion was that it is better to control the NLF manually.

      However, if someone finds a better solution, I would be happy to know about it. 🙂

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      User AvatarKris

      Hi Matthew,

      Did you end up managing to create this one? Or did you perhaps find it somewhere?

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      User AvatarMatt Caddeo

      Hi guys,

      I was trying to figure out the NLF and tried to understand why it was more successful before than now.

      We all need to understand that the +$210 TP and the -$70 safety order do no apply anymore.

      At the time Petko was shooting the price of BTC was around $4,000 therefore a $210 price move for example was about 5% of variation; the same price movement is now equal to about 0.6% of variation.

      Therefore the TP and safety trades of the NLF video are not accurate anymore so probably we are better off calculating these in % of the current price rather than using fixed values?

      do you agree with the above?


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