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    I want to share with you my results after 5 week of trading applying what I’ve learned in the courses “Automated Forex trading + 99 Expert Advisors every month”
    I keep trading the TOP 10 EA’s
    The EA has been generated on EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY – M15 Only

    Now I want to have more diversification on the timeframe, I will do M15, M30 and H1
    And stll keep trading the top 10EA’s

    Let us know how do you manage you’re EA and Please don’t hesitate to share with us you’re results

    Result 5 week


    Hey Jordy, you nearly doubled your account mate!!!!

    That is awesome. I enrolled to the course but left if for a bit later. I took the Pack with the courses and the strategy builders so I will focus on learning EA Studio and FSB Pro first.

    But seeing your results will force me look into the course and start testing the EAs. Once I H we results for sure I will place them over here. You have opened great topic!


    Thank you!

    Yes, dont waste more time automated trading with EA Studio and FSB is really a good thing !

    I have wasted more than 2 year trying different thing (Manual trading, holy grail indicator, buying expensive EA ..) Without any sucess ..
    now with EA Studio and the big help of Petko Aleksandrov I have finally my first profitable month in 2 year !!!

    I just bought the courses “Algorithmic trading course: London, New York & Tokyo system”

    I will try it and let you know in few weeks !


    Hello Jordy,

    Unfortunately this is the path that most people find algorithmic trading. I had a similar start in trading.

    And years back the algo trading was much harder, because I needed to hire developers to code the strategies…a lot of money and time.

    Now with the EA Studio and FSB Pro is really easier, and I guess only the people who know the algo trading before that can really appreciate it.

    Glad to see that you share your results.


    Hi Jordy! I didn’t see that you had already posted as I also posted a similar question about other people are using EAs to trade. I see that your focus is on three Forex pairs and are just using the top ten strategies for each of those pairs on M15 only. Now, I see you are going to expand to M30 and H1 charts. That’s gonna be 90 EAs trading on three pairs! You have great results.

    I am building strategies on 24 different pairs with two time frames, but they are not just Forex. I’m also including indicies, cryptocurrency, metals, and energy. If things don’t work for me in this way, I may switch my logic and focus on maybe three pairs like you and then trade on multiple time frames. I currently have three Fprex pairs trading live right now. Thanks for sharing.

    Viktor Isaak

    This is so nice to see such results with other traders. I am pretty new to EA Studio. Well, actually I tested it nearly year ago, but was a bit skeptical. After losing some money on live account trying to trade manually and predict the future in the market, i went back to Petko’s courses. I did realize that I need the EA Studio, and to work harder on it.

    Now I have taken 2 more of his courses, the lifetime license for EA Studio, and when I saw this topic it gave me some more enthusiasm, but for sure I will take it easy with the lice trading. The loss still hurts 🙂 Thank you all for sharing! Impressive!


    Hey Viktor,

    glad to hear you have your enthusiasm in trading back. Try to ignore the trading results you had before. I can share with you that most of the students joining the Academy is after having losses. Nearly everyone starts trading without any kind of education.

    And actually the enthusiasm should be used in hard work with EA Studio and the Expert Advisors and not in trading. Emotions should not be there in trading! Trading automated EA Forex is one of the key points to ignore the emotions.


    @Viktor-I know exactly how you feel. Petko is right. I started with hardly no education, loss some money in live accounts and found the Academy with EA Studio. I’m very glad I found this software.

    I also agree with Petko about keeping emotions out of trading, which I also had a hard time with when doing manual trading. With the EAs, I don’t even look at charts anymore. The only thing I do is check to see what my account balance is and to see how my demo EAs are performing. Most of my time is spent creating the EAs with EA studio, loading them on MT to use for automated trading, analyzing results, and replacing if need be. I love this about EA Studio.

    Glad to have you back on board. Feel free to reach out. I’m starting to get more involved in the forums and have no issues with sharing my experience.

    Viktor Isaak

    Hey guys,

    thank you so much for giving me some power to step on my feet with trading. I will do my best to follow your advises! Petko you are the man in educating people! I wish I have found you earler.

    Jacpin, you are so kind too! It is great for me to see other;s success. This way I believe that I can do it too.

    Now I will focus on testing the EAs from the courses, and creating my own. I do not have the capability to open live account again, because I do not want to trade with anything less than 10k. So I am planning to spend my time creating and testing EAs as you say.

    Yes, i know it is great to avoid the emotions and not to look over the chart every 2 min, watching how the price goes against you. I realize how better is trading with Expert Advisors.

    Jacpin, may I ask you how long time are you testing the EAs on Demo before placing them on live account?


    @Viktor-I took some advice from Petko and then formulated my own rules for demo. I put a lot of effort on the generation of EAs…meaning my acceptance criteria is very strict. Once this is done, I demo test with this criteria before going live:
    Min 2 week trading time period
    Min 10 open and closed trades
    Min 70% winning percentage

    I have 4 live EAs in my account right now and I am demo testing 96 EAs. The 4 EAs that I have live, I keep them in demo as well just to maintain performance history.

    Viktor Isaak

    Hey Jacpin,

    thank you so much for the replay! This gives me some good starting point. I like that you have exact rules. Petko says that this is important in algorithmic trading.

    How do you calculate the winning percentage? Do you transform somehow the Profit factor?


    Hey, Sorry guys to not keep you updated !

    Right now i’m trading 3 pairs on TF M15, M30 and H1
    I have 30EA on each timeframe, 90EA on each pairs So 270 EA totally running on a demo account
    I want to trade only top 10 EA !

    I want to always have top 10 EA trading on my live account so I’m working on a ways to automate that (Yes i’m a lazy guys haha) that’s why I not share any result here


    @Viktor-No problem. I am enjoying this trading so much, I have no issue with sharing my experience. I keep the calculation very simple..7 out of 10 trades equals my 70% winning percentage. Even if a trade has a 70% winning percentage and then has a small negative profit, I will still use it. I just analyze each of the 10 trades to see if I can manipulate the stop loss and/or take profit to result in a better net profit. This is also when I use the optimizer in EA Studio to see if it comes up with similar results.

    I maintain this process even after I go live. Once an EA loses more than 3 times out of 10 trades, I immediately pull it and replace it with a new one. I don’t want to take the chance that it will continue to lose and then perform better later. If it does, that’s nice and if I ever have to replace another EA for the same time frame and currency pair, then I can revisit it again. I’m very conservative in my trading, so risk management is very important to me. 🙂


    @Jordy-Thanks for letting us know! Seems like there is a consensus to just trade three pairs but on multiple timeframes and with the top 10 EAs on each. I may have to start demoing things in this way to see if it works out better for me. I might try to start the new year.


    Hey Jordy,

    Glad to hear from you again. The whole process will be automated one day with certainty. We had couple of meetings with Forex Software discussing how the process could be automated effectively. Of course it will take time…I do not know when and exactly how it will be, but I know that if it happens we will be the first ones to use it 🙂

    Anyway, years ago there was no even generator, and the only way was to hire developers.

    Jordy, your diversification is good…

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