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      User Avatardommech

      I’m pretty new to the EA community.
      I’ve some background in manual technical trading with some profits (and 2 blown accounts)

      For the past year I’ve been studying EA’s firstly due to get rid of the emotions and to create a semi-passive income from trading.
      So far I feel that portfolio building with EA studio is it for me.

      If ever going manual again I would implement the “never losing formula” whit a trade manager. So my entries are manual and later the EA takes over and manages the trade according to the formula. (on cryptos or high volatility fx pairs like gbpjpy)

      Is anyone using this type of EA already?
      If not I will update my findings later within this thread.


      This type of account management is not recommended for anyone! Could be to aggressive.

      My theory around a system looks like this, if I “risk” a small usd value (200usd 1:500 leverage) with a high risk portfolio, with high risk I mean 10-20 EA’s with 0.01 lots. This way I think I will maximize how my money is working for me.
      And hopefully the longs hedge the shorts while banking profits. (Only tested this on demo for a short while and it’s looking good so far)
      This way the downside is 200usd max and upside is potentially a ROI of a couple of hundred %

      Let’s say that I have 1 account with 200usd.
      I mix M15, H1 and maybe H4 on GBPJPY as one portfolio account. When that account hit break even (100% ROI) I withdraw 200usd and start another account with a new portfolio to compound the profits. Later on I would withdraw 50% of the profits monthly from the accounts that are Break Even. This will be my pocket money.

      My plan is to have 10-20 of this types of account spread out with different brokers, TF’s, time of the day, assets (I use IC Markets now but have accounts at Tickmill and Pepperstone aswell)

      This is my thoughts of creating multiple streams of income.

      What do you guys think about it?
      Any feedback or improvement ideas?

      I will ad my FX Blue account here later on, currently my 14 day trial is over so will buy EA Studio soon

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      User AvatarRoman


      That honestly sounds like a Crap Ton of work LOL. I’m working on a few ideas myself, but managing 10+ accounts is not one of them haha. I want a max of 4 accounts 2 demo, 2 live with only two different brokers. I work 60 hours a week and Gym 8 hours, so I wont even attempt to manage 2 more accounts until I’m trading full time. Keep us updated on your testing. I plan to balance out (bring the account back to starting balance) once a year to bring it back to the US for safekeeping. Last thing I need is a 6-7 figure account hanging out in a country I cant fight in for my money.

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      Hello Dommech,

      it is great that you share your plan. It sounds interesting, and Roman is right that it is a lot of work, but if you organize it well, and get used to manage it, I think you might have a great success!

      I would only suggest you to mic in one account different assets not only one(as GBPJPY), even on different time frames.

      Also, make sure to test longer your idea on Demo account. This will give you more confidence, and you will make it all clear for yourself.

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      User Avatardommech

      Hi Thx for the feedback!

      I got off a bumpy start when the GBPJPY went in to a range for the past 2 weeks, so I’m a bit down on the account. I’v been trading live now for 2 weeks now.

      But just wanted to show a perfect example of that a past profitable strategy does not need to be a future profitable one.

      First one is a Demo account and second one is Live, same settings different outcomes.

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      Hello Dommech,

      Glad to see you share your results.

      I have a question:

      If the first one is your Demo account why there are less number of orders with the first 2 EAs that you marked in red, compared with the same in the live account. Didn’t you place the EAs first on Demo, and then on Live account? Looking at the others bellow, you have more number of orders on Demo than the Live account as it should be(Actually the rest even with 1 trade only look very good in the Live).

      Regarding what you say, absolutely right! There is not guarantee that if one strategy makes profits in Demo, it will keep it up in the Live. But we need to test it, and we need to have more things on our side – such as the acceptance criteria, Monte Carlo and all tools we use in EA Studio to create better strategies.

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      User Avatardommech

      I did not notice that, was to tierd yesterday. 🙂 Yes when I loaded my VPS the first day I saw that when I left metatrader on with the EA’s they both were taking trades (VPS EA’s+Metatrader EA’s) so I closed them manually when I saw it, that of course makes the stats harder to trust. But still, it is an extremely big profit difference between the two accounts

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Dommech,

      I think you have messed it up when starting. Move the date in FX Blue forward so you can start from zero.

      The first EA has one number of trade difference but the result is 100 difference? Did you check if the trades in live and demo match?

      With the second EA you have 6 trades difference? Did you close those manually? I do not think, because they are 6.


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      User AvatarGeorge Steel

      Hello Dommech,

      the first good check you need to do with your broker is placing few EAs on demo and the same ones in live just with 0.01. See if they open and close at the same time. If this is true than you can relay on your Demo testing. If not, than there is something wrong with your broker, and you better look for a better one.

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      Good point, George! If the orders do not match all the demo testing turns to be useless.

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      Good point, George! If the orders do not match all the demo testing turns to be useless.

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