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    Hey guys. I’m with Global Prime here in Australia.  It turns out they don’t store a lot of data.  Only 6 months on M15 and 2.5 years on H1.  I’m thinking that is not going to be enough as in the videos I’ve seen about 4 years of data being used.  Any ideas???  Is the data that comes with  EA Studio any good or should I get data from another good source.

    PS:  Only been here 2 days and learnt so much already……  Great site and feels like a good positive forum.





    Has anyone used the tickstory data????


    Hello Richard,

    it is normal that your broker does not have a lot of data at the beginning. This is with all of them.

    You will need to keep your Meta Trader opened all the time and you will get the data. It will take you a couple of months.

    The EAs that Petko provides(those that are exported with EA Studio) work with Open Price, so you do not need the tick data.




    The data from EA Studio is good. It comes from JFDBroker.


    Thanks for the replies…



    Hey Richard,

    Welcome to the Forum!. Yes, the best thing is to leave your Meta Trader opened all the time, and it will collect the data. This is the only true way to use the data from your broker. The best is to be from the server of your real account.

    Also, you might want to check if the data from the Demo server and the Live server is the same (or nearly the same).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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