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    Hi all

    I ve enabled virtual server on MT4 to make sure all EAs trade without interruption should my internet connection fail (and also because didn’t trust my pc to run 24/7).

    I closed MT4 terminal last night and when reopended it this morning all my charts disappeared. Couldn’t find anything in the journal or experts tabs as all history was missing. I ve decided to open new charts and reattach EAs to them.

    My questions are:

    1) Would it affect my opened positions? (ie prevent them from exiting)

    2) If chart with attached EA gets deleted, does it prevent this EA from running ? (ie opening new trades)

    3) Has anyone experienced it with MT4 before?




    … although mt4 journal was empty upon launch this morning, I can see in my hosting journal that a few trades opened during the night.


    When I request a journal log in mt4, I can see my history but there is a gap between yesterday evening and this morning.


    I ve attached journal log


    Hello CuriousGeo,

    What you close the terminal (MetaTrader) and reopen it again you are disabling the EAs and they will stop trading.

    When you use a VPS you should close the window of the VPS (usually that is a remote control window) but you should not close the MetaTrader itself. This way the EAs will not stop trading.

    Why the charts disappeared….I can’t say that. But make sure not to close the MetaTrader.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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