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      User AvatarHikaru Hara

      Hello, I am new to EA studio and i have been generating strategies for a week.

      Ive been watching the courses and use the recommended setting and it provides great balance chart.

      Despite the great results, when i backtest on MT4, i gives bad results and i end up losing all my money within 2 years. Do i need to use a certain setting on MT4.

      Also, when i backtest, modelling quality is NA. It should be 90 right?

      I use the japanese broker and the demo account gives different symbols( downloading currencies) and it gives different results.

      Is there a certain way i could put the strategy in so it would show the same output as EA studio.

      Please advise




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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Hikaru,

      Yes backtest on MT4 should give extremely similar results to EA studio. Have a read through the “portfolio-calculations-vs-reality” thread and watch the “How to compare EA studio and MT4 backtester video” that is linked on the “lets Create a Brand-New Youtube Channel” thread. That’s should clear everything up quickly :-). I have a few additional videos made that aren’t uploaded yet and will get back to creating content in the future but have become overloaded with work recently so this is currently on hold. Luckily this video addresses your question exactly however 😉

      I can see that you have used the tick model in MT4. As EA studio ea’s are coded to open positions on the bar open you should be using the open price model in MT4 backtester as this will best match EA studio and also most accurately represent how the EA would have traded.

      I suspect a few other issues but if you follow through that video then I’m sure it will all fall into place.

      Let me know how you go.

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