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    Dear Moderator!

    I had attached ONE screenshot to my latest post. Where is it?
    It was there when I submitted my post. Now it’s not.
    I know from Petko that only one screenshot is permitted by post.
    From experience (trial and error) I know that “inserting” a screenshot is very difficult unless the resolution is reduced extremely that it becomes unclear.
    Why is the forum not giving a warning that the attached/uploaded or inserted image is not accepted when it’s not (Saves time and wasted energy).
    Where are the forum rules for posting screenshots? If there aren’t any, could you please let me know what the rules are?

    Thank you.


    Found the answer…

    When I upload an image and submit the post, all goes well.
    If then I edit the post and resubmit it, I MUST re-upload the image before submitting the edited post, or else the image would disappear.

    Sorry for any inconvenience to you “Moderators”, but I hope that this post is useful for somebody.



    Hey Asser,

    Yes, when you are editing a post in the forum, you are basically re-writing it, the text just copy-pastes, but the image you will need to reupload.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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