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      User Avatarfxbam

      It would be nice to have more options with this software. I’m currently using MetaTrader 5 and running a variety of EAs that were created with the two generators.

      I know very little about the Futures market but have been considering trying it, especially with the growing concerns of Forex prop firms. I would like to use my mql5 MT5 EAs on NinjaTrader C# but I don’t know how to go about doing this. I know that it’s possible to have someone rewrite the code but that would not be a cost-effective method for most people.

      I’m currently using a trade copier (FX Blue) for everything I do with MT5.

      Is there a trade copier that allows sending signals from MT5 to NinjaTrader?

      I have to imagine other people are wondering this as well.  I haven’t been able to find a solution yet.

      Will “Expert Advisor Studio” or “Forex Strategy Builder Professional” consider making this an option?

      It would be great to have the option to use these great EAs in a potentially profitable Futures market. It appears that most Futures prop firms do not use MT4/5 which eliminates these EAs from being used. Are they even capable of creating such an option?

      Has anyone out there found a solution to this?



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      User AvatarShaynaOrozco

      As I recall, there isn’t a tool right now that can easily send trading signals from MT5 to NinjaTrader. Usually, these tools work best within the same system, like moving signals from MT4 to MT5.

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