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      User Avatarjenialyinvest

      Hello, is the MAE and MFE statistics anywhere in EA studio?


      Thank You

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      Hello Janialyinvest,

      I don’t think so…where did you see those?

      Give me someone info, maybe it is called in another way.


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      User Avatarjenialyinvest

      What MFE and MAE Stand For

      Maximum Favorable Excursion (MFE)
      The maximum amount of profit that was available while a trade was open.

      Maximum Adverse Excursion (MAE)
      The maximum amount of loss that was available while a trade was open.


      Iam not sure if the orange line on the balance graph represent these statistics?

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      I don’t think that is available.

      Since the maximum amount that was for a profit is at the TP, and the maximum loss was at the moment of the SL. There could be no bigger or smaller in value.

      Which orange line do you mean? You can attach screenshots here?


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      User Avatarjenialyinvest

      what is the orange line in the balance line?




      orange line in balance line

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      Hello Jenialy,

      the orange line is the balance from the opened trades, and the blue are the closed trades.

      This strategy looks like it does not have a TP, and the opened trades go on a bigger loss from time to time.

      Also, it looks like an over-optimized strategy. Was it generated with EA Studio or FSB Pro or not?

      Kind regards,

      Petko A

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      User Avatarjenialyinvest

      this strategy was created using ea studio…it doesnt have a tp only a stop loss but based on indicators if am not mistaken. The idea was to see if the indicators alone gave good signals. I didnt keep this strategy for live trading.

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      I like the idea of not having  SL. This is why I have created the courses with the Never Losing Formula.

      However, if we don’t use SL or the Formula, at one moment one trade can go to a huge loss…


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      User Avatarjenialyinvest

      Which course teaches the no loosing formula?

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      Hello Jenialy,

      I have it in four of my crypto courses. You can have a look at the


      This is the one that most of the students prefer.


Viewing 9 reply threads
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