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    Hey guys, did you guys have any way to generate the strategy is for volume trade?

    Do you guys know how to generate strategy/EA  for trade 50-200 lot per month around 1%-5% return or break even?

    most important is to trade a lot of lot size?


    Hello Tremosor,

    Welcome to the Forum. If you want to have 200 lots per month, it means you need to have 6.6 lots per day.

    If you set the EA to trade with 1 lot per trader, you will need to have 7 trades per day.

    That is quite an active strategy, so you better try to generate it with a small range of SL and TP. Somewhere about 10-20 pips.



    Hey Petko,

    Thanks for reply, where could I set the setting for the lot size per day?



    Hey Tremosor,

    You don’t have such an option. You will need to calculate it and go around it.

    For example, if you use 50 000 bars on M15 as Historical data, and you want the strategies to be on M1, this means that for one day you will have:

    60min x 24hours = 1440 min or bars. Which means that you have 35 days (50 000 : 1440).

    So if you want to have 7 trades per day, and you have 35 days, this is 245 trades.

    What does that mean?

    When you run the generator, you need to put the min count of trades 245.

    That is quite interesting, I am not sure if you will be able to get strategies but give it a try.

    I might run a generator with these settings to see what will be the result.


    I got great results by the way. After 2 hours running the Generator I got decent strategies:

    And if I click on the journal for the first one, I see that it really had many trades per day:

    So I guess my calculations are correct 🙂

    EA Studio is great software…I am surprised nearly every day with its capabilities.

    If you learn how to follow the logic and calculate what you need, you will be able to generate strategies for any purpose.


    Wow, great! I will try it out.

    Do you mind to tell me how to find the logic of it?
    cause I not sure how it work, even I got confuse with the course(my own problem, not the course)



    Hey there, I try ti find the result same like you, but I can’t find it. What is your setting?



    Hello Tremosor,

    I used just what is shown in the pictures. Plus the SL and TP range was from 10-50 pips.



    It is the longer time the generator running the greater result? or it is still the same?


    My meaning is let’s says I run the generator first time is 3 min,  and the second times is 1 hour, Will the result be same?


    Hello Tremosor.

    The longer you run the generator, the more strategies you will get. And the more strategies you get, the higher the probability of better strategies. However, in the first 3 min you can get a great strategy, and running it longer does not guarantee a better strategy. Just more.


    Thanks  Petko.

    i will try with both and choose which suit for me.

    (Also I have a problem with the course, I had already sent a few question in the (Reach us)from last week, but non of them were reply) Can you please help me?


    Hey Tremosor,

    It looks like we do not receive the messages from the Reach Us form. My team is working on that. Please, use the e-mail.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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