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      User Avatarthyagomendes

      Hi Petko,

      First, congratulations to the trainings you offer. They are excellent!

      I wonder if any long term test has ever been performed with the strategy you present.

      What could you tell us about the stability of this strategy?

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      Hey there,

      glad to hear you liked the content I have created. In my courses I demonstrate over 20 different strategies and over 370 Expert Advisors.

      Which one are you talking about 🙂


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      User Avatarthyagomendes


      I refer, for instance, to the methodology used in the course Automated Forex trading + 99 Expert Advisors every month (Udemy).
      I would like to know more specifically what is expected if I repeat that procedure for a long period (always selecting new EAS for the real account among the 99 ones).

      From the results you presented in your courses it seems that we will have a profitable strategy in the long run. But I would like to know if such an experiment has already been carried out.

      Thanks a lot!

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      quite interesting question. If you have watched most of my courses, you have probably noticed that I do not give any statements and promises.

      Simply, if I show some long term results as stats, this is always accepted from the traders and the students as a promise.

      When people see some results in trading, they accept it as a fact that they will achieve the very same long term results in trading. Now obviously this is not the reality. There are many factors that can reflect the results as choice of a broker, spread, costs, experience of the trader, time dedicated to the trading. And I am talking here in general.

      Many students report to me that after the 3-4 month they succeed to make profits, and this is the only thing I can share. It will be great if some of them share their long term results in trading. But not me.

      And one last thing here, even I do share some long term results, that still will not be guarantee that such a results will remain constant even with me. In trading there is never guarantee, which is something that everyone is looking for.

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        User Avatarthyagomendes

        Hi Petko,

        Many thanks for the previous response!

        I understand your concern about the possibility of people understanding long-term results as possible “promises”, and I also fully understand that such results do not follow “guarantees” for future gain (I’m a statistician and therefore I’m addicted to validations procedures kkkk).

        However, because it is another data that can corroborate the effectiveness of the method I would like to implement it.

        Given your expertise with EA STUDIO and FSB, would you have any idea to practice this procedure (even manually)? I have tried it but it is very difficult to program the various updates of the portfolios.

        Have you ever thought about a comfortable way to do this experiment even using mql or another programming language or manually?

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      Hello Thyago,

      Glad to hear from you again. TO be honest with you I couldn’t understand exactly what you are asking? Which procedure with EA Studio and FSB Pro?

      Can you please make it clearer what is your idea, and I will do my best to answer it.


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