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      Hello traders!

      This is Petko Alexandrov and I’m excited to invite you to join me in a new project: New YouTube Channel called Pro Algo Trading

      And I am not asking you just to subscribe, this you must do right away 🙂

      But to record videos with me!

      What is the Idea?
      I will choose 7 Experienced Traders who will be sharing their trading on this Youtube Channel.

      This will be a community-driven YouTube channel. We will share the best of our skills and experience with EA Studio and FSB Pro and the EAs

      How many people do we need?
      There will be a total of seven people publishing a video once a week. This way, we will have a new video every day.

      How to apply?
      Please send us a short 5 min video at info@eatradingacademy.com. Show anything of your daily work on EA Studio or FSB Pro. For example, you can show how you use the Reactor or Monte Carlo.

      What are the requirements?
      – EA Studio and/or FSB Pro licensed user for a min of 6 months
      – Understandable English
      – Desire to share your experience with the other users and traders

      Will you get paid for it?
      Yes, you will earn income from recording videos for this YouTube channel in 3 different ways.

      Never recorded videos before?
      No worries, I will share my experience in recording videos with you to start in no time.

      I want the most experienced traders and users to share their skills with beginners. I like this channel to be a great source of information about Algo Trading, so everyone who subscribes will learn a lot.

      I am looking forward to hearing from you!

      Petko A

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      Guys, glad to tell you that the first trader that will be recording with me is Samuel Jackson ( I am sure you know him from the Forum).

      Do not hesitate to give it a try, send me your video, and let’s create some content together.

      Here is a video that I published today:

      Nothing really special, just sharing a strategy for EUR USD that I have found and have been using in my trading.


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      I am happy to drop the first video from Samuel Jackson himself:

      It is the first video he has ever recorded, so do not criticize him. His English is better than mine! 🙂

      Anyway, I hope you will find his videos helpful, and make sure to subscribe to the channel so you can follow along with all of the free content that we will be creating:


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      User AvatarPaul S

      Hello Petko and Sam,


      I just started using EA studio and this is certainly helpful.

      Looking forward to your next videos.



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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hey Paul,

      Welcome and glad you are finding this channel helpful 🙂

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      Hey traders,

      Here is the second video from Samuel:

      Hope you will learn a lot from it!

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