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    Is it just me or does EA Studio struggle with Yen strategies?


    I’ve had som sucess with GBPJPY not tried any other pair


    I just ran it for 20 hours and it came back with nothing… 🙁


    Happy New Year,Roman!

    There could be few reasons for getting no results with any pair.

    1. How long Historical data do you have? Please, check if the data is fine. It could happen that you have missing period in your data.

    2. You have placed too strict acceptance criteria during the generation.

    Try to remove the Acceptance criteria and run the generator. If it starts showing strategies, than start increasing the criterias.

    3. If you use Monte Carlo and Multi Markets, make sure they are not strict.

    It is better  to get many strategies and after that to filter them.



    I try to set the Reactor in a way, so I can get about 100 strategies overnight. After filtering I end up with 4-5 EAs, which is still great for one night.


    Yes, Andi it is great to have 4-5 good strategies overnight. AND IMAGINE – we do not do anything about it…no coding!

    Many developers lose months to code one EA, and at the end if it turns negative, they restart it all..

    With EA studio and FSB Pro we are able to generate so many Expert Advisors that no any developer or team of developers can ever code.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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