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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello guys,</p>
      Well I am using a contabo vps, and I used to run tbe EA Studio many days on chrome browser because i thought it is the fastest but it’s been few days that the EA Studio stopped  generating strategies each time i disconnect from my vps, despite that i disabled all the settings that might pause or stop any running web based application, and i configured my vps to perform as always connected so that all apps stay actively run but the problem still persist… And after contacting contabo and they investigated the issue, their last reply was that the problem is caused by windows operating system, which they cannot change its behavior…


      Kindly note that i am running EA studio now on mozilla, it does not pause when disconnected but it is very slow…

      I will be very grateful for any suggests.

      Kindest regards


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      User Avatarrichard

      There has been an ongoing problem with chrome since an update a few months ago.  The link below is to the other forum. Follow the instructions in post 16 to fix the problem….



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      User AvatarCharbel

      Thank you Richard, appreciate your help, ill configure these settings..

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