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      Hello Dear,

      Is It possible to transform the 100 Portfolio EA created by EA Studio Entry lot size from 0.01 into 1%? How to do it?

      please reply guys.

      Thank you

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      Hello Charbel,

      actually you can not set percentages in the EAs, they work with lots. It is about you calculating the percent you will risk.

      I know many traders are looking for that percentage entry, but there are many negative things in there, and I guess that is why they did not put it in EA Studio as an option.

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      User AvatarCharbel

      Thank you Petko for your reply, Do you mean its impossible to do? I mean even if it will need manual intervention in metaeditor after creating the portfolioEA? Sure there is a way out of the EA Studio right? 

      Thank you again

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      Yeah, I think it is not a hard thing to be added to the code of the Experts. I mean you can create the EAs with EA Studio or FSB Pro, and after that add it in the code.

      However, once again I say that it might not bring you the results you expect. Why is that?

      If you set to enter in a new position with 1% of your account. That is not how much you will lose if the SL is hit. That is how much you are using from your account but the loss could be bigger or smaller than 1%. What if you trade with 10 EAs? Could you handle a loss bigger than 10%?

      There are many other similar questions, which at the end will bring you to the point where you would like to trade with fixed lots. Anyway, give it a try, but I just say that it does not worth losing time on that.



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      User AvatarCharbel

      Thank you Petko, You were very helpful… I highly appreciate your attention..

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      Glad to hear that, Charbel.

      Let me know if there is anything else.

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