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    I was speaking with a friend trader who used Strategy Quant or something like that. When he described what is in there, I understood that it is years behind EA Studio.

    I think EA Studio will be number 1 automated trading software for many years. And they always improve it so maybe forever


    Strategy Quant has these ridiculous trading strategies that are generated and the trading rules are something like rsi multiplied by macd, and this value is used. I tried it but than I found EA Studio which creates logical strategies, and we can see the the indicators over the chart, and where the trades are opened and closed.

    I am not sure if all users of EA Studio realise how good it is.


    Hey Desita, you are right about Strategy QUant, I was testing it years back when I was choosing the strategy builder to use.

    At this time EA studio was not available, it was just FSB Pro. So comparing Strategy Quant and FSB Pro at this time, I saw that FSB Pro is much more advanced and detailed. Later EA Studio came up and I decided to use them both in the academy because they are really the top automated trading software pieces.


    I think Forex Software LTD with Mr. Popor are so good in what they do, so even someone invents something new and different, they will immediately add it to EA Studio and FSB Pro, so we will have it too as function.


    Hey Andi, you are right about that!


    It is time for me to share my experience with EA Studio.

    I have found the Forex Academy after some struggling in my trading…

    First I lost one account trying to trade manually…I used three strategies that I bought, but I did it all wrong – missed many entries, risked a lot from the account, and finally, I got the margin e-mail from the broker.

    Second, I found one developer online and I sent him the strategies to make the EAs. He charged me 250USD for each one, so totally I paid 750USD. This took one month and 10 days. I was so happy when those were ready, and I just placed them on a new live account, because I Was sure that profits will be there. The account started to lose, and then I just stopped. I was so frustrated, no Idea what was wrong because I believed in those strategies. Obviously, they were sold to me in a very promising way.

    I found a video in YouTUbe how to make backtesting in Meta Trader, and when I did it, I realized the hard truth, these strategies were losing.

    I tried to optimize them, but without result.

    Anyway, at that moment I realized something very important. That having an EA for one strategy is the only way we can understand if this strategy is profitable or not.

    After that, I started to look for education about creating Expert Advisors without IT knowledge, because I am not an IT girl. This is how I found the courses of Petko and the Forex Academy.

    I took 3 of his courses here, and they were exactly what I needed.

    After that, I took EA Studio and FSB Pro. Now I am focused on EA Studio and hopefully, next month when I have a bit more time, I will work on FSB Pro.

    So what is my experience with EA Studio so far:

    • I can export the strategies as Expert Advisors, so I do not need to pay developers. Imagine I gave 750 for 3, not profitable strategies.
    • I can see the results of the strategies before exporting them, not after creating them(what happened with me)
    • I can generate profitable strategies without having any strategy as a base. The generator for me is the coolest thing with EA Studio.
    • I can create an unlimited number of strategies, and export them all as EAs

    Of course, I learned a lot from the courses because there are many tricks that Petko shares. Yesterday I took his last course with the AUDUSD where he shows how to use the EA Studio to avoid Demo trading. I liked it, and I will try this method for my currencies with small 0.01 lot.

    So if someone reads this post before starting manual trading, I think I will save you a lot of time and money 🙂

    As a conclusion, the automated trading Software EA Studio is the best choice I have done in trading so far, and it worths the money, because I do not need a developer, and I know which strategies to use.



    Hey Mery,

    It was very interesting to read your story. Good you came to the right place. Now you have the control in your hands and all the trading you do will be result from your work.


    Hello Mary,

    very nice of you to share your story. I was in a very similar situation with developers, and not with just a few EAs, but many. I spent about 2 years working with developers before getting to know FSB Pro and EA Studio. That was the hardest period in trading for me.

    Anyway, good to know you are on your feet now.



    For me, EA Studio is the only was nowadays that a trader can have profits with Expert Advisors. All the rest is scam and illusion.


    Hello Ani,

    There is a lot of scam in Forex indeed. But you are right, EA Studio gives a lot of possibilities.


    Hey Andi,

    You are right, EA studio gives me the control to build my strategies with the entry and exit conditions,SL and TP, and to make optimization for the parameters. When I built the manual strategies that I used before I saw that the results were not what I expected. But when I optimized the strategies using EA studio I found the better parameters and I saw how I could improve these strategies.


    Hello Petko,

    Yes, to pay developers to automate your strategies is really awful. I have a very small experience with that but I really don’t want to go there again:-)

    So thank you for all your work and that you shared the good experience with EA studio and FSB pro in your trading courses, anyway I wouldn’t find it.


    You are welcome, Mary! Glad you appreciate the courses and the software.



    Petko, everyone who tested EA Studio should appreciate it, the generated EAs just give profits.

    I am on 9 consecutive profitable months now. Before trading manually it was hard to get on profit at the end of the month…

    Of course, it is not only about generating of course, but with stable risk money management, strict control of the Demo and the Live, and all the other tips from you, it works!


    Glad to hear that, Jordan! Keep up the great work!

    That is why diversification with many EAs is needed. If you look at the statistic of a single Expert Advisor, you will see that there are always losing months. But when you combine many in one account, you can actually reach to consecutive profitable months, just as you did.

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