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    My name is Chingi, and I am very new to Forex, and to EA Forex Academy. I have taken the all-in-one pack and I am currently learning from the courses.ย  I have spent many hours reading the forum and decided to open this topic(sorry if similar one already exists).

    I want to know how satisfied are the traders with the automated trading software EA Studio? I have left 20 days now to use it, and I consider taking the Optimal pack, but I would really appreciate if someone shares with me if it really worth?

    Does it have any bugs that you see with the created EAs?

    Are the strategies generated real? I mean do backtest match actual trading?


    Welcome, Chingi!

    From my experience with EA Forex Academy and Petko Aleksandrov, I can assure you that you are on the right place to learn!

    I started without any education, and lost some money trying to trade. After Iย  found the courses of Petko and EA Studio, I am much more comfortable, and I start to get some profits.

    Now, for me EA Studio is absolute must in trading. I would not imagine now trading without it! Really…I mean what we would do if we can not generate EAs? How would you know when to enter on the market, and when to exit? Simple question, but believe me, I am right!

    It is up to you, if you are going to continue with it, but for me is the best trading software!


    @Chingi-Welcome to the group! You’ll find that we are a happy-go-lucky bunch. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You’ll probably see a lot more of my posts on this forum more recently as I like to share my experience with EA Studio. Take a look at my post about 2019 being a great year and you will see my live account trading results. I’ve already made my initial trading investment and also my cost for purchasing EA Studio for 3 months. I just bought the 1 year license and I’m sure I’m going to make back that investment amount within the next 2 months or sooner. So, I’m looking at 10+ months of sweet, sweet profit for the rest of the year.

    I only do automated trading. I look at no charts whatsoever. I have a VPS right now, so I load my EAs on my MT5 terminal and let them go. As long as the markets are open, my EAs are trading. I’ve been involved in trading for about 2 years. I started out with Nadex binary options and loss more than I won some. I tried different outlets to purchase strategies, signals, etc. Nothing worked for me. I was led to Petko’s class because I was interested in trading cryptocurrency. After taking this class, the EA Studio automated trader in me was born. I hate staring at charts. I hate manual trading. Did I mention that I hate staring at charts? Cause I really do. Without EA Studio, I might have given up on trading as a way to make money and possibly replace my full-time job.

    I am very satisfied with EA Studio and I encourage anyone that wants to do trading to be sure to purchase this product. Yes, the strategies are real. Yes, I verified with the Strategy Tester that my strategies were about 99% matching ( the difference I found was like the time when a trade was opened and closed, but the end results were still the same). I have not seen any bugs with the performance of the EA generated (in either demo or live trading).

    Trading is always going to be a risk. But you can make excellent money in trading. You just have to be smart with your risk and money management (yes, these are 2 different things). Make sure that whatever money you put up to trade with is also money that you’re willing to lose. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is never a stupid question. Listen to Petko’s advice, be open-minded and creative, think beyond the box, and become an Expert in creating strategies with EA Studio. ๐Ÿ™‚

    These are all just my opinions as the choice is up to you. But know that you have a community here that is in the same boat as you.


    Great post, Jacpin! And you are right about it all!

    I forgot to mention that EA Studio is being updated all the time which is great. Since the first time I tested a trail, there are many new options and features. But the core is the same – it generates strategies, and we place them for trading. Easy peasy


    Andi, thank you for the fast replay. I see your point. I have never done trading and specially algorithmic trading. So what I do is to read all day and trying to learn much before start trading. I think I will go over all the courses from Petko, before having even a Demo account.


    Jacpin, thank you for the fast replay!

    It is interesting that you share your story, and your experience in trading. This way you will save a lot of time to beginner traders like me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes,ย  have been reading your post and from the others. and I was impressed that you share your trading results, and your experience. You seem to be very open minded person!

    I first started looking at some chart and analysis. I mean there are so so many places from where you can learn and all sounded too complicated. So I wanted something easier and automated. After looking for such a thing in Google, I came to the EA Forex Academy.

    After reading your post, I get more confident that I am on the right place to learn trading ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yes, for sure I will ask some stupid questions ๐Ÿ™‚



    Ps Can I use the automated trading software EA Studio on couple of browsers? I ran the generator and it worked!



    Welcome to the family. At the end of the day EA Studio and FSB are tools (I sound like Popov…). At the end of the day it takes time to get familiar with how to use them the right way. Take your time, ask lots of questions, you’ll find Petko to be a Very great resource if you get stuck.


    @Andi-Working smarter and not harder is the name of the game. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Chingi-Yes. I believe I have seen some other posts where people have 3-5 tabs up in Google Chrome with EA Studio running in all of them. I personally have ran EA Studio on Micrsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome all at the same time. I was running them for 3 different assets and timeframes. I have had no issues.

    @Roman-Ditto. Petko is an awesome resource.


    Hey guys, Roman, Jacpin, you are so kind calling me a resource ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, Chingi, welcome, and always ask questions, it is not me in here only who can give you precise answer to any question.


    Chingi, you are right, you better go over the courses from Petko first. They will save you so much time, and they will give you great guidance.


    Roman, thank you very much. The forum seems really friendly. I will definitely follow all of your advises.



    Jacpin, thank you for your advice, I will take the maximum of EA Studio running it on many windows.

    I think I even run it on many different tabs, even for one asset, it will just bring me more EAs…


    Hello Petko! Thank you very much for welcoming me! The forum is very friendly, you seem to be extremely professional, and I am about to learn a lot in here!


    Hi Chingi Welcome to the family!

    I’m with Andi, go thru the courses from Petko and take notes or Favorite mark the things you would like to go thru again, this will save you a lot of time (and probably money) test all the platforms on Demo and when you feel conforteble go live with a very small amount just to test everything out.


    I’ve been in the EA community for about 1 year now and EA Studio is my final destination, will not look anywhere elsefor Algo setups.

    But I’m very new with EA Studio (14 days)


    I use to test and optimizeย  1 EA (Ichumoko) for usually about a week, and when building a portfolio and going thru FX pairs + non correlation that are profitble enough to fit my system it usually took me 2-3 months before I was completely done. With EA Studio it took me less than 48h to find a much more profitble setup than the portfolio I’ve been working on for months.


    With EA studio I can create multiple non correlatet strategies extremely easy so I can focus 90% on Money Management, Risk and new strategies (Markets, timeframes, assets) instead of putting in weeks of testing.


    Ask a lot of questings and read and study Petko’s (resourse) material with has helped me a lot on my jurney!


    Hello Dommech,

    thank you for being so kind!

    For sure I will test it all on Demo (at least I want to have an idea how it all works before putting real money).

    And yes, I will do my best to take notes from the courses, Petko is brilliant teacher in trading!

    I guess your experience in EA trading will help you understand and master EA Studio faster, that is great.

    Wow! I see so the automated trading software EA studio saves a lot of time just because it is automated doesn’t it? Even to experienced traders! Than I feel luck being here!

    Sure, I will ask questions on my way, and I will take the most out of the Forum and Petko’s courses and experience!

    Thank you so so much!

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