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    Bob Smith

    For me, EA Studio was total game changer!

    I was testing strategies for about 3-4 years and never found a stable result.

    The worst thing when you test one strategy manually is that you do not know if it is profitable or now. You spend few months to come to the conclusion, which is always negative.

    When I found Petko’s courses, it all changed because I get to know EA Studio and I fell in love with that automated trading software.

    First, it is automated trading software, so we export strategies automatically

    Second, it generates strategies that are profitable!

    Third, it is easy to use and trading is just pleasure with it.

    Yes, there is some work to be done, but come on! We make profits over here!! 🙂


    Hey Bob, thanks for sharing your story. I am sure you will motivate many new traders.

    The problem is that 95% of the traders get very skeptical after trading manually(just because they lose) and it is hard to believe that a software can bring you profits…however, thanks for the kind words, studding is needed, and I that is why I am here 🙂


    Hey guys,

    pretty busy the last days!

    The automated trading software EA Studio has been my savior after I was scammed.

    It turned out that it is much better to learn to trade by yourself, and depend on your skills instead trusting someone.

    Of course, I wouldn’t do it without Petko, his courses, and his support.

    He has been very kind sharing so many strategies, teaching me 1:1, and basically having the chance to communicate with such a trader, gave me the power again to trade.

    As I said in other topics, already my profits are bigger than the losses I had, so I am very happy with EA Studio!


    Cheers, Haliffa!


    Hello Chingi,

    I have experience with EA Studio since the time it was launched(before that was only FSB Pro).

    I can say that EA Studio is a must in algorithmic trading. I have about 5 years of experience in EAs, and I divide it all on two periods.

    First was the time when I started to try coding EAs and buying EAs which were expensive. Never ended with a good result.

    Second is when I found FSB Pro and EA Studio later on. Put my things together. Tested EAs for nearly year before going to live accounts, and saved some money. Now for the last one year I do this full time, so I can say that EA Studio and FSB Pro changed my life a lot!

    I do not have a boss over my head, I do not have working time, I take holidays whenever I decide, and most important I have time for my family now!

    So, how satisfied I am with EA Studio, from 1 to 100, definitely 101 🙂


    WOW! Thank you all for sharing your experience! I did not expect that opening this topic will cause so many answers.

    I am already on board 🙂 I took the Optimal Pack, so I have it all now. It all depends on me 🙂

    Thanks again to all for the kind answers!

    Chris Eliot

    One word from me for EA Studio – BEST!


    Chingi, I think most of the people said all the nice things and benefits we get from using EA Studio.

    I will say it this way:

    Imagine you do not have EA Studio, how would you understand if one strategy made profit in the past or not? Traders get strategies from different courses, YouTube videos, and internet, and they start to test them on Demo.

    Manually we can not enter into every single trade. So even for some period this tested strategy is profitable, it might be a luck.

    If you have any EA, you can make backtesting in the MetaTrader, but there are no robustness tests to see if the strategy is over-optimized.

    The automated trading software EA Studio gives the solution to all above:

    1. You can see the actual performance of any strategy

    2. You can backtest any strategy and not lose time to test on Demo

    3. You can use the robustness tools to check if it is over-optimized

    4. You can generate strategies if you do not have!

    5. The key point is that you can export the strategies with ONE CLICK as Expert Advisors!

    I can not imagine trading without EA Studio, I wouldn’t know what to do really.


    Hello Desita,

    Thank you very much for the detailed answer!

    I start to realize how great is EA Studio, even I did not do any manual trading or with any Expert Advisors.

    I just wanted to learn trading, and I found the Academy and Petko’s courses. Which makes me think I am very lucky 🙂

    The 5 points you say are really the key point I think as well!

    Thanks indeed!

    John Michael

    I took EA Studio sometime ago and I can say it is the best automated trading software!

    I have tested few, also spent a lot of money on Strategy Quant, but it did not bring me any profits.

    EA Studio is much more professional, it is being updated all the time, and the features are much more!

    And in the same time it is very easy to use.



    I nEver tired another one but when I tested the  EA Studio I knew that this is all I needed.

    It is the best software for algorithmic trading. Saves a lot of time and opens new horizons.


    Hey guys, I am very glad that you all like EA Studio.

    I am glad that I decided to base some of my courses on it. It teaches a lot!

    Many traders realize that their trading systems were wrong when they build the strategy and see the actual backtest.


    Mr. Aleksandrov, we like it because it brings us profit. 🙂

    And again it is all because of you. You are teaching in a very nice and gentle way.

    And it gives results, so you should be really satisfied from your work.


    Hey, Haliffa, than you for the kind words!

    I am really satisfied with what I do, especially when I see results from the students.

    I do my best in teaching, but all of you that already make profits with my systems have put a lot of effort, desire and practice.

    This means that it is because of you! All of you that study and practice hard.

    The results that everyone has is from what everyone does.

    Cone D

    EA Studio is the best strategy builder I have used. I used different ones in the future, but all is very basic compared to EA Studio.

    It has everything that the trader needs, and especially now with the update that was done in the acceptance criteria for In Sample and Out of Sample, all is complete!

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