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    I have been using the EA Studio for some time, I am by no means an Expert on it but I feel I have a few hundreds of hours of using it.

    Anyways so I tried to create a Portfolio of EAs that was generated on FX market specifically USDJPY and I used “Only Short” and “Only Long” Indicator in the Preset to create 10 for each direction.

    I used custom setting on the pair to increase spread to make it harded to find strategies and higher swaps aswell combined with a 7 USD commission to really make it hard for EA Studio.

    And when I have selected the EAs and have a nice Equity Curve and decent year to year performence I decided to backtest it on my MT4 Platform but the results are barely profitable on my broker while on EA Studio it looks just great. I have used 3 different brokers to see if it was just that broker but all have similar dissapointing results.

    So why is the results so different?



    Hey mate,

    I did not have promising results when setting a direction.

    That option is suitable for assets like Bitcoin, so when the market is clearly going up, we can trade EAs that are Only long.

    But for the Forex, I would stick to EAs that trade both directions.

    Regarding the backtest, you have missed something….can you attach screenshots from a strategy on EA Studio and a backtest on Metatrader with the same strategy.

    I want to see the MT before you run the backtest, how you set it up.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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