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      User Avatardavidfarley

      Hello Petko,

      How much margin on an account should we consider to trade in our practice and live accounts? The broker I have provides the following margin to practice with:

      10 : 1
      20 : 1
      30 : 1
      40 : 1
      50 : 1

      Thank you!

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      Hell David,

      that is personal choice…basically this depends on the following:

      1. How much money you will have in your account

      2. How many EAs you are going to place there

      3. How much risk in total your EAs could bring in one moment

      4. What is your money management?

      You need to have a good balance between these things, because if you use small margin and in the same time you place many EAs it wont work. As well if you have a small account with many EAs, as well it might be a problem.

      The best thing is place on Demo(size as planned) the number of EAs that you want to trade, and you will see in few weeks times if all is good, or what you need to change.

      Kind regards,
      Petko A

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      User Avatardavidfarley

      Great advice!

      Thank you!

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      User Avataral_kuwait55

      Petko has the answer for everything man! What ever I asked him, he always provide great piece of information, very useful. I have been trading 13 years, and still much to learn from him.

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      Hello al_kuwait55, Thank you for the kind words! I am very happy that I succeed to answer all questions. Of course sometimes when it is something on the technical side I do not know the answer, but I do my best to find it out, and inform the students.

      Everyday for me is a new challenge to learn new things, and we should never stop learning…

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