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    Hi traders,

    I’m experimenting with Portfolio EAs.

    I have uploaded the following to an account on MT4

    One on AUDJPY M15 – 9 strategies
    One on AUDJPY M15 – 27 strategies
    One on GBPJPY M15 – 11 strategies
    One on GBPJPY M30 – 20 strategies
    One on GBPJPY H1 – 96 strategies
    One on EURGBP H1 – 69 strategies
    One on EURUSD H1 – 83 strategies
    One on NZDUSD H1 – 74 strategies
    One on EURAUD H1 – 26 strategies
    One on GBPUSD H1 – 45 strategies

    They were added to the account in the order they are listed above.

    However, since adding the NZDUSD H1 – 74 strategies, there seems to be less trades opening. Only two trades have opened for NZDUSD since I put it on a couple of days ago, whereas dozens of trades were opening for the previous Portfolios EA’s within an hour of adding them to MT4.

    Have I maxed out what MT4 can handle?

    Should I just have one Portfolio EA per account?

    Should I just have one Portfolio EA per MT4?

    Is my PC unable to process all the orders?






    Good afternoon Simon,

    Depending on the Broker 400-500 EA’s in PE would be the max. So for my Broker FXchoice, i can only run 4 PE’s of 100 strats at a time. If i clear out the bottom feeders quickly then it’ll free up some space but this is what i’ve found.


    Hey Simon,

    Glad to hear from you. I think ROman gave an excellent example. It is from the broker, indeed.

    When the brokers buy MetaTrader to offer it to the clients that have some access to the backend, this means they do different settings.

    It is about you fining how much your broker can handle.

    Anyway, stay below the limit, because you do not want to miss nice trades just because you overloaded it.



    Hi Roman,

    How is FX Choice doing from your experience?

    We are planning to place a trusted brokers page on the website. We receive daily many e-mails about the brokers, and it will be easier for everyone if we have 2-3 brokers. We will make the choice of the traders easier, and at the same time, they will have regulated brokers in mind.

    I was thinking about FX Choice because they give the chance of US citizens to trade EAs…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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