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    Hi guys,

    As per the title, how long do you run the Reactor?

    I’m finding that I’m rarely getting any strategies through, even with what I believe to be quite loose Acceptance Criteria?

    I’ve attached screenshots of my current Reactor run, eighteen hours in, and no strategies.

    Am I just not being patient enough? Should I run it for two, maybe three days?





    Hmm, that seems odd.

    How many bars are you using?


    300,000 on M1


    Hey Simon,

    somehow, I have missed that post. Sorry for the late replay.

    Having in the acceptance criteria Maximum consecutive losses 5 is what stops your strategies. Try to increase the number and give it a try.

    You see you have just 20 strategies passing the acceptance criteria (0.00%) and than they stopped at the robustness tools. Try to get at least 0.01% passing the acceptance criteria. But I am pretty sure it is from the consecutive losses.

    Anyway, I run the reactor sometimes even longer:


    Simply, I was out of town and I left it to do some work for me 🙂

    But you can see that I can this 0.015 that I am talking about.

    Look at the number 10 million strategies calculated…


    Thank you Petko, it’s reassuring to see that you also run the generator for a long time. I will relax the Acceptance Criteria and see what happens.

    Regarding internet speeds, is it my local internet speed that decides how quickly the Reactor runs, or is it the internet speed of the server that EA Studio is hosted on? Just that I have just completed a 1440 min Reactor run, and only have 673679 strategies generated (only one browser tab open, 300K bars on M1)  – in theory, if I had left this to run for 4500 mins, I would have ended up with somewhere around 2.1M strategies, nowhere near your 10M!!




    Hey Simon,

    the speed of EA Studio depends on 3 things:

    • the processor of the computer
    • what browser do you use ( Chrome works the best)
    • the browser tab should be active

    Also, the more count of bars you have, it does more calculations. So give it a try with 200 000, it will give you a bit more speed.



    Thanks Petko 🙂


    Cheers, Simon!

    Let me know if there is anything else

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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