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      User Avatarthyagomendes

      Hello everyone!

      I opened this topic to have some information regarding the results you have obtained.

      I operated on Petiko’s methodology for a few months a couple of years ago. Then I left to dedicate myself to the stock market. As I intend to return to trading Forex, I would like to know who of you has been making profits consistently and for how many months.

      Thank you!

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Thyago,

      I have been trading successfully for over 2 years now following Petko’s system and advice. In the last 6 months, I am always above 10%, which was my target.

      But I did it too complicated – I have over 15 Demo accounts with 5 love accounts and 100s of Expert Advisors to test.

      Now I am trying to make it simpler(fewer accounts and EAs to test), but I doubt that making it simpler will lower the profits.

      Anyway, I dedicate above 6 hours a day, which is much better than a full-time job, and if I can do optimize the work into 4 hours will be great. The next target will be 2 hours.

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      User AvatarAndi

      By the way, how is the Stock trading? I see some crazy moves in there like the Bitcoin 🙂

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      User Avatarthyagomendes

      Hello Andi,

      thank you very much for the answer!

      I’m glad you’re making a profit for such a long period! This sounds like strong evidence of the good quality of Petko’s method.

      I have been operating in the stock market for approximately 2 years  with good results. But in periods of great falls, as in the past months, I was very idle. So, I decided to diversify with currency operations again.

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      User Avatarthyagomendes


      I would say that the stock market has returned to “normal”. My strategies have performed similarly to the period before the panic peak caused by the epidemic. But everyone fears that at any moment there could be further high falls.


      I am currently working in homeoffice so I have a lot of time available to operate with Petiko’s methodology (I remember that when I started it also took me many hours. About 4 hours/day).


      I am restarting my robot portfolio at the moment (strategy generation, test account and selection). I always had some doubts that I believe that for being a consistent trader for a long time you can solve). Your successful experience is very valuable!


      Could you please answer the following questions that are fundamental for me?

      1- Is it worthwhile to use strategies generated only with the option “Stop Loss = Always use”? (I feel very uncomfortable with strategies generated with the option “Stop Loss = May use” or “Stop Loss = Do not  use” because they could spend long periodos in negative)


      2- Would you say that diversification into different currency pairs is important? Or is it more relevant to diversify into different types of strategies? (When I operated I diversified a lot into different currency pairs and ended up including a lot of bad robots in the real account. I belive I ocurred in a over diversification!).




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      User AvatarAndi


      I stick with Stop Loss = Always use. You need really a huge account if you will e using Do not use, so you can handle losses. But at the same time having trades on a negative for a long time will bring you just a bigger swap. It doesn’t worth it for me.

      I diversify to different currencies but just the major ones – EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, GBPJPY, and USDJPY.


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      User Avatarthyagomendes

      Thank you Andi!

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