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      I’m new here and I was going to search the forum because it could be that my question was already asked. I don’t see a search feature.

      Anyway, I saw in the results that the profit and loss by hour of day for entry and exit were shown. How can I optimize and restrict by hour of day or day of week?

      Also, I think that on Friday Forex closes an hour earlier but in the Expert it looks the same as Monday-Thursday.

      Thank you all for your help.

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      Hello Abinvest,

      Glad to hear from you. Yes, we have it in the to-do list to add the search tab in the Forum.

      You can set certain hours for training with the EA Studio. Go to the EA Studio, Tools and Trading session.

      For example, if you set from 9:00 TO 12:00, the generated strategies will open trades just between these hours.

      Also, there is an indicator of Entry Time.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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