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    Good afternoon Everybody,

    I’m returning after a bit of a break from beating my head against the wall when it came to Historical Data. I recently changed my US broker and they have a quant service where they provide historical data. The problem is every time I open it in Excel both FSB nor EA studio can make use of it. Any tips on reformatting the cells to make this usable?



    Hello Roman,

    actually the FSB pro csv files could be opened in excel. So just try the other way around. Save the files in csv, and try to place them in FSB Pro.

    If not working open one sheet of excel from your broker, and one sheet of excel with the file you get when you use the script for FSB Pro.

    If there are differences try to eliminate them, and make the same files. Than you should be able to use this Historical data from your broker in FSB Pro.


    Hi Petko,

    Thank you I’ll try to see if I can get it to work!


    Hey Roman, sure let me know if there is something more with the Historical data. Cheers


    Hi Roman,
    I succeeded to download some data from the broker, but still not sure if I can use it.

    But for the moment, the easiest thing you can do is leave Meta Trader opened, and it collects the new Histroical data. Sometimes I download the hst files, to make sure I wont lose them.

    When I create strategies, I just drop the scripts over the charts.


    Right, Andi. Not a bad idea to download the hst files from time to time on external drive.

    I have been fighting with the Historical data from the broker for quite a long time, and still leaving the Meta Trader is the best method to collect proper Historical data.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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