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    Hi Guys, currently demo trading with Pepperstone and im having an issue getting historic data for my live account. I have successfully added the scripts a few times and generated a good amount the first 2 times (example for the gbpusd i generated 49242 bars by going to chart history and inputting 999999 then pressing the home key and finally adding the scripts to all timeframes). However, i have attempted the same process again after a month and am only generating around 1000 extra??? Has anyone ran into this issue? If so, some help or advice would be appreciated.


    Hey Tai,

    Glad to hear from you. Which time frame are you talking about? For the extra 1000bars? I guess it is M30.

    Because each day you have 48 bars on M30, and 20 days trading would be 960 new bars for the month. That is normal.

    For the lower time frames, you should have more, and for the higher, you should have less.


    Hey Petko,

    thank you for the swift response. Yes I was referring to the M30, glad to hear it is normal so thank you for clarifying that.

    Just to confirm, I am leaving Meta Trader running to continue gathering the data from pepperstone and will look to do the same with JFD, as well as testing strategies on my demo account.

    Am I right in assuming that I have to leave the charts running in order to gather the data on a daily basis?



    Yes, you are right. I leave them running on M1. And once a month I just switch between the different time frames, to make sure it will gather the data.

    Not a bad idea, to download the data from time to time. In case, you reinstall MetaTrader one day and you forget to download it.

    However, if you are using JFD, you can use the MetaTrader-Demo data in EA Studio. It comes from JFD. There are 10 currency pairs, so if you want to trade any other assets you can collect for those.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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