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      Hey Petko & Ilan,

      I was wondering whether there is a possibility to HIDE the STOP LOSS limits in your EAs? They are always displayed as soon as the trades are opened. This is valid at leas for the GOLD and  GBPUSD EAs that I’m using. I know I might sound paranoiac…..but I heard some FX BROKERS do hunt the SL of their customer’s trades. Therefore I was wondering whether there is a chance to hide them? Thx, ladytrader2007

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      Hey Ladytrader,

      I am aware of the issue. I am not really sure how this could be done, maybe additional EA or script, BUT if your broker does that, it is nothing to stop them from making you lose.

      Such brokers have so many techniques to make the profitable traders losers, so if you doubt your broker for anything similar, just change it.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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