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      User AvatarMaria Leona

      I wanted to open a new topic and share how useful it is to have a Forex Online course. I have been in EA Forex Academy for some time now, and I found it so much easier to study with online courses. Before that, I was taking some classes in my town, which were absolute time lost.

      I then took this skype membership with some “Forex guru”. They provided me with a Theory in PDF files which cost me $1200. And they gave me access to the skype group where they were providing signals. Quickly I realized that the theory was nothing special, all we can find online for free. And the worst there was that in a few months time I realized that the signals they provide were leading to losses, but they were posting results from the signals on their website that were positive. Believe it or not, I had to do easy calculations to figure it out that the results were fake.

      After that, I took the first Forex Online course from Petko Aleksandrov, and I finally felt satisfied.

      First, it is all online, and I can study when I have free time. (I am not engaged with the exact time to be in a skype group or something).

      Second, Petko teaches algorithmic trading which limits the time we need to spend on the computer, which I LOVED!

      Thirds, the courses here are with a ridiculously cheap price, and they are so much more useful than what I found before that.

      Last, Petko updates the courses with new EAs every month, which makes it all just great for me.

      I am planning to get more serious about it, and I will take the EA Studio and FSB license next week, so I can practice trading with my own EAs.

      Overall, even struggling before I came to the Academy, I am very satisfied that I found these online courses!

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hi Maria,

      very nice of you sharing your experience.

      Most people struggle a lot before getting to the right place. And for me, EA Forex Academy with Petko Aleksandrov is the right place.

      Absolutely, the Forex online courses are great just because they are only and you can learn while you are going to work. I normally just listen to the videos, and even I do not look at the screen while I am driving to work, I get a lot of information because Pekto shares all the time key points.

      And all the Forex online courses Petko has done are coming from his experience, which makes them such good courses.

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      Cheers, guys! Actually, it took me a couple of years to build the Academy the way it is right now.

      You are right, with the Forex online courses, I succeeded to share my strategies with over 13 800 students which would have been impossible in 1:1 coaching, or any online groups or room classes.

      Also, the technologies are moving so fast, we need always to keep in tune with it. Having Forex online courses is the fastest way to share any updates, Expert Advisors, strategy builders’ improvements etc.

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      User AvatarMaria Leona

      Hey Petko,

      I am sure you have placed a lot of effort in your Forex online courses. I can see it while I am watching the lectures.

      It is great that you systematically placed so much information is short courses.

      No powerpoint slides which I loved the most! All the time you are on the platform demonstrating, which is exactly what the trader needs.

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      User AvatarAndi

      That is exactly what attracted me to Petko’s Forex Online courses – no slides!

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      User AvatarCone D

      Hey guys, there are online courses now for everything not only Forex Online courses, really for everything.

      Petko’s courses are the best in the field.

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