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      User AvatarTrader Matt

      Hi Everyone,

      This is to discuss the Grid Machine robot, parameters and results to see if we can all profit from it and lift everyone up.

      Set files can be shared, but please test them first. Your account is your responsibility.
      The set files are not recommendations, just sharing our best results so far. Past results do not indicate future returns.

      Let’s go!

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      User AvatarGiovanni Gandolfo



      can you please share set file for grid machine currently on Petko Darwinex? I would like to test it against my current settings.



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        User AvatarNikos

        Hey Giovanni,

        We suggest that you contact the developer to get a set file.

        Thank you!

        Kind Regards,

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      User AvatarBoyan Todorov


      I decided yesterday to try the Grid Machine. It was a weird installation process. As I tried ti download it, it asks first if I have mt4 installed, if I select no nothing happens, if I select yes I prompts a login into MQL5. I logged with may google account and then I selected, that I have mt4, then it opended and somehow it was installed. I have several mt4 with several brokers, I don’t know how it chose which one to open. Anyway I can now copy the EA from the Data folder, if I need it into other platforms I guess. I saw in Petkos latest video he is trading it on the GPBUSD pair H1 so I did the same. Can someone give me some more information on the robot, I could not find a user guide or something. Which pairs and time frames does it trade? Petko mentioned in the video that if I use the robot, since it is free one, I would have a big correlation on Darwinex and that it is advisable to make the robot individual. How exactly can I do this? Thanks!

      kind regards


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        User AvatarNikos

        Hey Boyan,

        So, about Grid Machine, you can also trade it on EURUSD as well on H1 timeframe but should be working on different other pairs but I cannot say for sure how it can perform on them.

        About the EA, it is best to use a different robot that is probably not used much on Darwinex because if you use Grid Machine and they understand that there are a lot of accounts with the same robot, they might not allow us both to withdraw any payouts. In this case, to make it individual, make sure to just use a different robot.

        Hope this helps!

        Kind Regards,

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