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      Hello traders,

      We started trading the Gold Scalper Pro from the same vendor as the Forex Gold Investor:

      Live Trading Accounts

      Gold Scalper Pro has been activated on a modest $200 live account with BlackBull, as well as a $1000 live account with EightCap.

      However, please refrain from interpreting the amounts as financial advice. Determining your trading capital is a personal decision. We aim to test it live and share the results with you! 🙂

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      User AvatarEric Carrier

      i have been running this since March 27, 2024 and still haven’t gotten a trade initiated. i followed all the guides to the letter but nothing. i wonder if i am missing something… can anyone help me with this?


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        User Avatarpaul4x

        post up some screenshots or set file settings

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        User AvatarNikos

        Hey Eric,

        I am so sorry for the late reply.

        Are you still experiencing the same issue?

        Thank you!

        Kind Regards,

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